SLDS Projects 2008-2009

SLDS Group Projects 2008-2009

ICC Marketing

This group marketed the Washington Program to science and engineering majors.

Senior Citizen Thanksgiving Party

This group volunteered at a nursing home at Covell Gardens.

Helping Homeless

This group researched the difficulties faced by the homeless and resources for them.

Senior Citizens Casino Night

This group hosted a casino night for the residents of Atria Senior Gardens.

Senior Citizens Casino Night

Senior Citizens Casino Night


ASUCD Public Relations

This group explored ASUCD, voter turnout during elections, and undergraduate student awareness. They conducted a survey of undergraduate students and an evaluation of other student government practices within the UC system, and created a proposal and presented suggestions to the new President and Vice President of ASUCD.

ASUCD Public Relations

Job Search/Preparation

This group informed students about how the current economy may impact their ability to attain a job after graduation.


Domestic Violence

This group researched the issue of domestic violence and created a multi-media presentation to spread awareness.

Domestic Violence


Our goal originated from our observation that many UC Davis students were graduating without having certain questions answered. We brainstormed a list of questions that the students might have, and picked a variety of faculty and staff to interview so that we can have those questions answered. The end product of our project is a video consisting of a series of interviews, revealing the personal responses of the faculty and staff we picked out. We hope that this video will help students find the answers that they are looking for.

Team Young's Ladies

Our purpose for the group project was to do something for charity but going above and beyond the traditional fundraising and collecting donations. So we wanted to put on a show to reward donators. We had a common interest in fashion so we thought it would be great to put on a fashion show for free and then collect clothing donations for the Red Cross. In our short time frame, we did a lot and the fashion show went through. Because of overestimating the time we needed to publicize the event, we did not get the expected turnout. Although our purpose was successful where we successfully put on a show from the beginning to end we also was successful in collecting clothes donations from attendees as well as people that couldn’t make it. So overall, I felt that the project was a success where we effectively worked together and achieved a common goal.

Team 4 Challengers

As challengers, our purpose was to show diversity in a different way in Davis, create an awareness of the resources we have and create health awareness to students through the CCC, ICC, and health center. The promotion of cultures is essential for progress in a diverse world. The outcome of this event was not only displaying different cultures to over 20 students, but also a personal education for each of us and how to improve our communication skills.

Team Aggie Scouts

This group project focused on helping students who are or Academic Probation and Subject to Academic Disqualification. The members of the group felt as though Academic Probation and Subject to Academic Disqualification is an issue on the UC Davis campus that is not getting addressed as much as it should. Thus, the group went to the College of Letters and Science and the College of Agricultural and Environmental Science and gathered extensive data about the university’s policy on Academic Probation and Subject to Academic Disqualification. The members of the group decided to also make a pamphlet to distribute to students about the information that was collected. These pamphlets went out to organizations such as: EOP, Transfer Student Services, Student Housing, ASUCD, and CAPS. In addition, the group also propositioned the UC Davis Learning Skills Center to create a workshop regarding this matter, so that future students can gain knowledge of this situation.

Team Partial Contributors

Working to make campus organizations more well-known to the UCD student population, our team of four became advocates for the SLDS program. This group project worked to promote the benefits of acquiring a Leadership Certificate through producing a short film detailing the basic SLDS requirements. Each group member contributed to making the film become a reality by conducting short interviews of both UCD students and the SLDS staff, filming segments of several seminars, and contacting alumni representatives. Following this creative process, and even through several dilemmas, we were able to reach our goal with success. With persistent dedication, we are hopeful that that SLDS will become a more widely used resource.

Team Triplets

As a team of three, this Group Project Team planned and organized a seminar to inform college students, especially graduating students, about different aspects of personal finance and financial situations students will face after college. The group members contacted a lecturer on campus and provided topics we would like to hear in the seminar. These topics included saving, credit card usage, debts, and investment. The group members also created a resource list distributed by email to students who attended the seminar and advertised the event through flyers, newspaper, emails and Facebook group.”

Team Mighty Ducks

As a team, the Mighty Ducks decided to give back to the community. We realized the most direct way to do this was through collaborating with an organization and fundraising for them. The Mighty Ducks found an organization they wanted to help, the Breast Cancer Network of Strength, and worked together with one of their coordinators, Becky Beaman, to help put into action their annual Walk to Empower. We raised $630 for the Walk to Empower, and received gift cards from downtown Davis businesses for the Walk to Empower raffle. And we also helped set up a vast majority of the Walk itself, and participated in the 3-mile walk around the Sacramento Capitol.

Team Function 1

The purpose of this project is to help homeless people in our community. We were trying to make people take care of our community and together help the homeless people. We collected 397 cans of foods which is not enough for all homeless people in Davis. However the donation will never stop. The people who have warm hearts are still everywhere. I will never forget two people came to me, one said “ I only want to buy this one can for myself, but I am willing to give it to you for helping them” and the other person, a woman who went into Safeway and bought 5 whole bags of canned food for homeless people and did not buy anything for herself. Together, small progress can make a step forward.