SLDP Group Projects 2021

Learn about the amazing projects that our SLDP students did through our program! Their utilization of integrated skills from our essential leadership seminars resulted in several powerful campus-focused group projects.

#1 Soda Drinking Group

There are enough resources in the world with which to feed everyone, and yet that does not happen. Part of the problem is that a significant portion of food goes to waste, and in pursuance of combating this issue the #1 Soda Drinking Group (Allison, Diksha, Jesús, & Neha) decided to build a community fridge that would empower the Davis community to not only share whatever they found themselves to possess in excess, but also to look out and care for others in their community. In collaboration with the Freedge organization, the group built a shed in Central Davis in which to house a mini fridge that will accommodate both perishable and nonperishable foods, and thus help get food to those that need it. Anyone can contribute to the fridge or take food from it - it is meant to be a resource to all who need it with no exceptions. Flyers for outreach were distributed on virtual platforms like neighborhood apps, social media, and various newsletters.


Understanding taxes and the process of filing can be intimidating for those who are inexperienced in the subject. The AcCOWntants was a group of four student advocators (Dmitri, Jingnan, Kayley, & Peter) striving to help educate people, with a slight focus on high school- and college-aged groups, on general tax information and the process of tax filing in order to prepare and to reduce the stress of filing for inexperienced tax filers. To accomplish this, the AcCOWntants produced an educational video series on their YouTube channel focusing on general topics related to taxes and tax filing, including how and where to file taxes, as well as possible resources available to help filers. Not only did the AcCOWntants aim to help people who need it now, but the team also wanted their tax education series to continue to be available to more people into the future as well. The AcCOWntants YouTube channel can be found at the following link:

The Hitchhikers’ Guide to UC Davis

This group (Andy, Joyce & Wendon) created “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to UC Davis.” The guide’s intended audience are newly admitted freshmen and transfer students who know little to nothing about our enormous campus and the resources it has to offer. Despite Aggie Orientation, the group found that the best way to learn about UCD is to learn from their fellow Aggies, whose shared experiences can provide valuable insight as to how a new student can succeed, thrive, and enjoy their experience on campus. The Guide covers a diverse array of topics including finding the right roommate and selecting housing, figuring out what extracurricular activities make the most sense to you, and more. By providing a guide to students with firsthand advice that is based off of the group’s own lived experiences, they hope to make the college transition smoother and more positive for everyone.


Kaleidoscope is a student-run (Itzel & Larisa) effort that aims to amplify, highlight, and promote the works of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) student artists and entrepreneurs at UC Davis. By promoting their works on our social media, as well as in collaboration with other organizations, groups, centers, and clubs on campus, we are able to provide students with a variety of resources and opportunities to help them grow their skills, networks, audiences, and share their stories. Kaleidoscope focuses on BIPOC students because we recognize the lack of representation, opportunities, and discrimination that they receive/face when it comes to business and the arts. The group also recognize that the university needs to do better in terms of providing students with a more diverse and inclusive education, as well as with opportunities in which BIPOC student voices can be heard. With that said, Kaleidoscope also allows them to spread awareness on the issues that we focus on and encourages the university to do their part in helping do something about them. Ultimately, Kaleidoscope wants to encourage BIPOC students to put their work out, inspire others, and thrive!


M.I.N.D. was a team of four students (Griselda, Bryanna, Rahul, & Angelina) who personally understood the struggles of continuous cycle of Zoom meetings amid the pandemic and online university setting. Through a podcast series called UNMUTED, the M.I.N.D. (Mentally Inspirational and Nourishing Division) team aimed to raise awareness on Zoom burnout by sharing the experiences of UC Davis students and staff as well as providing useful methods and campus resources to combat this challenge. The Unmuted Podcast consists of 6 episodes concentrating on topics such as personal student experiences, tips and strategies for zoom burnout, UC Davis resources, and staff perspectives on the issue. Follow them on IG @m.i.n.d._unmuted to see what they have done! You can listen to all their podcast episodes on YouTube (

UCD Synergy: Stronger than Yesterday

UCD Synergy: Stronger than Yesterday is all about finding the balance within you! This was a health initiative taken by three UC Davis students (Anna, Melisa, and Kaanan) motivated and excited to spread more awareness about Nutrition, Exercise, and Ayurvedic Medicine. They launched an Instagram page to advocate for health and wellness among the UCD community-students and staff. A common struggle among college students is not giving enough time or attention to their health, but this can change! Not only did UCD Synergy provide a compilation of campus health resources on their website, but also gave out simple weekly health tips and content on Instagram, encouraging more of the UCD community to make mindful choices about their well-being and take the time to incorporate healthy practices into their regular schedule. Check out their website ( and don’t forget to follow them on Instagram @ucdsynergy!

Waste Watchers

To address the growing problem of plastic waste and the environmental toll of plastic pollution, the Waste Watchers (Vivian, Hailey, & Sandy) focused on promoting the reduction of single-use plastics provided by restaurants in the city of Davis. Due to the ongoing worldwide pandemic, takeout and food deliveries have become ubiquitous as restaurants are not able to host dine-in options. However, many restaurants add disposable plastic cutleries in the order without asking customers if they need the utensils or not. Considering that most takeout would be consumed at home as people are in quarantine, the plastic utensils would be a waste when utensils at home could be used. The Waste Watchers saw this as a good opportunity to minimize a source of plastic waste while spreading awareness of the plastic problem. The group actively shared our ideas with the Conservation Coordinator at the City of Davis Public Works Utilities and Operations and received help and feedback. An infographic was created to highlight information about plastic waste and copies were distributed to restaurants in Davis. Importantly, the infographic encouraged restaurants to ask customers whether they need utensils when they make an order. To reach a larger audience, the infographic was also translated into Chinese and Spanish. Additionally, the Waste Watchers plan to post infographics on social media to continue spreading awareness about the importance of sustainability and how people can contribute.