Aggies Leading the Way! 2015

The second annual Aggies Leading the Way! Undergraduate Leadership Conference was held on February 27 and 28, 2015.

Conference Mission

The 2015 conference theme was Finding Your Path. Through a variety of interactive workshops, the aim was to help students:

  • Identify and enhance their own unique leadership path
  • Recognize how their leadership path intersects and complements the paths of others
  • Understand how building a collective of leadership paths contribute to the greater good


Keynote Speakers


2015 ALW Keynote Speaker David Acosta


  • The Keynote Speaker for the rally was Carolyn Thomas, Dean and Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education.
  • The Keynote Speaker for the main conference was David Acosta, Associate Vice Chancellor for Diversity and Inclusion.


    Main Conference Workshop Areas

    ALW 2015Finding and Strengthening Your Leadership Path (Session 1)

    Session 1 workshops focused on helping students identify and enhance their own unique leadership path.  Whether students are just beginning to carve out their path or need help navigating it, workshops in this area equipped students with the skills and knowledge to succeed on their journey.


    Living the Life You Dream by Alberto Antonio Valdivia


    Networking and Professional Etiquette by Marcel Kristel


    Servant Leadership and Forging Strategic Vision by Darren Nelson


    Moving Beyond Failure: How to learn and grow from mistakes by Jerry John Nutor


    Leading with Purpose and Establishing a Vision by Venita Sivamani



    Merging and Embracing the Paths of Others (Session 2)

    Session 2 workshops focused on helping students recognize how their leadership path intersects and complements the paths of others.  Rather than speed past others or neglect to slow down and explore commonality, workshops in this area addressed the value of merging and embracing the paths of others.


    Learning to Manage Up by Scott Vignos & Allison Pedrazzi Slides
    Is This Debate or Dialogue? Understanding the role of communication in community building by Mariah K. Watson Slides
    Your Leadership Energy: Knowing the tone you put forth and how to adjust it by Brian Luu Slides
    Strengths-based Leadership: Leveraging group talent to achieve more by Ilesha Graham Slides


    Fostering A Path Collective (Session 3)

    Session 3 workshops focus on helping students understand how building a collective of leadership paths contribute to the greater good.  Greater impact and change occurs in the power of numbers and by working with others of similar goals and missions, much can be accomplished.  Workshops in this area will address navigating environmental factors to establish and foster a path collective.


    Collaboration as a Powerful Tool for Change: Balancing risk, commitment, and resources by Brittany Derieg Slides
    Embracing the Collective by Molly Bechtel and Lyndon Huling Slides
    Using Strategy to Boost Creative and Innovative Thinking by Carlos Custodio  
    Leading Change Using Collective Wisdom and Empowerment by Hilary Bekmann Slides
    Say What? Powerful Communication for Connection + Community by Ilesha Graham Slides


    Conference made possible through a partnership between Undergraduate Education and the Division of Student Affairs and funds generated by ATM Campus Agreements.

    Student Leadership Conference Sponsors