Second Session Options: ALW 2020

Second Session Options (1:20pm - 2:20pm)

During this session block, participants decide whether to attend two of the Leadership Speaks presentations or one of the Education Sessions.


Leadership Speaks Sessions

Brief sessions where presenters will share their story of leadership and change in a prepared Ted Talk-style format; Q&A or conversation will follow as time allows
Pick one of the listed 1:20-1:45 pm options and one of the 1:55-2:20 pm options

1:20-1:45 pm
  • We are here: The leadership experiences of a Chicana at UCD - Ballroom C
  • Dr. Mendez will discuss her leadership trajectory. She will share her experiences as a first generation, Chicana whose presence in institutions of higher learning are shaped by her multiple intersectionalities. Our experiences (positive or negative) can influence our decisions to navigate these spaces as leaders. By discussing her lived experiences at UC Davis she hopes to inspire students to engage in activities that serve as building blocks to discover who they are meant to be.
    Facilitator: Lina Mendez, UCD Chicanx and Latinx Retention Initiative
  • Change Habits: Re-examining our Habits and Forming Habits – Ballroom B
  • Habits allow us to perform tasks routinely and this also includes how we process and tackle problems. However, although these habits allow us to make quicker decisions, our reliance on these habits may be problematic. In this talk, I will share my journey on how I learned to better recognize my habits, and how I am still working on developing better habits that also allow me to accommodate changes to be an effective student, researcher, and leader in and outside of school. 
    Facilitator: Shirley Xian, UCD Undergraduate Student, Biomedical Engineering
  • “Diversity” and “Leadership”: Who Benefits – Ballroom A
  • In the age of neoliberalism, universities' central motives have become to make money, which often leaves the most marginalized students unserved. Recognizing this gap, administrations often launch diversity initiatives and leadership opportunities to create the image of shared governance. But is this enough to equalize the playing field? How is it that university communities have been widely critical of their administration's commitment to its marginalized population? The objective of this presentation is to share my own story of leadership as a self-identified student activist at Chico State, and analyze the actual outcomes of diversity and leadership initiatives.
    Facilitator: Alejandro Alfaro Ramirez, Chico State Undergraduate Student, Multicultural and Gender Studies and Latinx Studies
1:55 -2:20 pm
  • What I Learned About Leadership from Talking About Periods. – Ballroom C
  • We're talking about periods! In 2018, a group of interdisciplinary UC Davis students were brought together by shared frustrations of lacking resources for menstruation. We started PERIOD @ Davis to destigmatize, celebrate, and improve access to menstrual hygiene. Our history demonstrates sharing stories, prioritizing collaboration, and inviting constructive feedback, serves as a powerful framework for turning problems into ideas into dynamic organizations poised to make positive change. This session highlights lessons learned from the Menstrual Movement and our favorite practical tools for communication, collaboration, and project management.
    Facilitator: Annie Wang, UCD Undergraduate Student, Materials Science and Engineering
  • My life started here in the United States – Ballroom B
  • My session is about my challenges here in the United States. As I am an international student, I have many barriers that I have had to overcome. I came to the United States after I graduated high school in Japan. By the time I was eighteen, my aspiration was stronger than my fear. I have had a strong desire to study abroad, and it encouraged to move alone and to live by myself. Soon after I arrived, I faced a problem. I realized my comprehension of English was not sufficient for both livelihood and schooling. I was dreaming of a pleasant life in the U.S and how to contribute positively to society. At that time, I could not see any success for my life in the U.S.  However now I am here, to be a UC student. I would like to share my success story.
    Facilitator: Haruka Hijioka, UCD Undergraduate Student, International Relations
  • Every Step Counts Towards Becoming an Agent of Change – Ballroom A
  • Debbie Sulca's college experience has allowed her to challenge herself in different ways that have resulted in her giving a talk on leadership. Leadership starts from within and requires self-care, a growth mindset, and challenging yourself. Although the process may be uncomfortable, every step counts towards becoming a leader. Debbie will share her story that starts back in high school when she made a Facebook post sharing her thoughts on not striving to attain a future leadership role.
    Facilitator: Debbie Sulca, UCD Undergraduate Student, Environmental Toxicology


Education Sessions

Quick and focused sessions addressing one core principle or concept
Attend one of the following options from 1:20-2:20

  • Change Starts Within – Conference Room B
  • In this interactive session we will discuss self-awareness and its importance in relation to leadership and explore self-awareness strategies, in helping us to better understand ourselves. We will share how practices, including meditation, yoga and even astrology can act as tools for self-awareness and empowerment. Discover ways to cultivate inner quiet, reflection, and a stronger sense of self, so that you can transform from within and, in turn, transform the world around you.  
    Facilitators: Cecily Nelson-Alford, UCD Women's Resources and Research Center;
              Monae Roberts, UCD LGBTQIA Resource Center
  • Marketing Your Student Leadership Experience to Employers – Conference Room A
  • As students experience college life both academic and co-curricular, these experiences are the stories they will tell upon graduation in transition to careers.  Utilizing the competencies adopted by the National Association of Colleges & Employers, learn how you can apply best practices to build and format your your personal branding for your next job or internship.  Change the way you list experiences and accomplishments, as you learn practices on how employers look for growth and learning curves when hiring.  Through a mix of presentation and group activity, this session allows participants to reflect individually and work as a group in applying student experiences to prospective employer recruitment standards.
    Facilitators: Deepak Sharma, UC Berkeley LEAD Center;
              Jing Han, UC Berkeley Career Center

Following the second session block, attendees will transition directly into the third session block, which will begin at 2:30 pm.

Third Session Block Options