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Build your foundational framework of leadership practices!

LEWS Topics

The Leadership Essentials Workshop Series (LEWS) consists of topical workshops that are open to and free-of-charge for all undergraduate students; attendees are introduced to leadership skills and given opportunities to practice applying them through interactive workshop activities.  Workshops are each 50 minutes long, and there are 17 topics to choose from and explore.

Why Attend

  • Strengthen your leadership skills and knowledge
  • Increase effectiveness within your jobs, student groups, programs, classes, and personal life
  • Build peer and mentor connections
  • Workshops are open and free of charge to all UC Davis undergraduate students
A variety of workshop topics are offered 6 areas:
  • Foundations of Leadership
  • Self-Awareness and Management
  • Communication
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Group Development
  • Conflict Management

Take just one, or as many as you would like to best address your interests and goals!

Fall 2023 Workshops  

CLL workshops are in-person and held in 1310 The Grove. No advance registration or RSVP is necessary, though out of respect to fellow participants and facilitators, students must arrive on time and stay for the entire duration.  See scheduled times and details to the right in the "Upcoming Workshops" section.

The following workshops will be offered Fall 2024:

  • Beyond the Visible  -  Embrace who you are, appreciate difference, and challenge stereotypes
  • Confronting Oppression  Examine the existence of power, privilege, and injustice while working toward equity
  • Inclusion is Essential  -  Build welcoming spaces where all are valued, honored, and respected
  • Navigating Conflict with Others - Utilize an assertive approach to address interpersonal conflict
  • The Leader in You  -  Explore and affirm your leader identity
  • The Power of Listening Listen and respond in a way that improves mutual understanding
  • Thinking Critically about Leadership Reframe your understanding of ‘leader’ and ‘leadership’
  • Your Approach to Conflict Adapt your conflict style based on contextual factors
  • Walk the Talk Establish credibility by aligning your values, words, and actions
  • Why Group Development Matters Understand the life cycle of a group to boost positive relationships and productivity

LEWS Workshops as Certificate Program Prerequisites

Select LEWS Workshops also serve as prerequisites for our two certificate programs: Cultivating Leaders for Social Change (CLSC) program and the Student Leadership Development Program (SLDP).  The specific workshops required for each program are listed below, and will also be indicated within each workshop's description as that information is added here.

  • Prerequisite workshops required for SLDP
  • Beyond the Visible
    The Leader in You
    The Power of Listening
    Thinking Critically about Leadership
    Your Approach to Conflict
    Walk the Talk
    Why Group Development Matters
  • Prerequisite workshops required for CLSC
  • Beyond the Visible
    Confronting Oppression
    Inclusion is Essential
    Navigating Conflict with Others
    The Leader in You
    Thinking Critically about Leadership
    Walk the Talk

Certificate program participation is definitely not a requirement for attending LEWS workshops, but we hope you will consider your future participation in one or both of these immersive leadership opportunities!

Cultivaing Leaders for Social Change (CLSC)

Student Leadership Development Program (SLDP)


Throughout our programs and events, we may record sessions for later availability and take photos and video for use in future promotions, publications, on our website and in social media.  Please take some time to read about your Consent to Record when attending UCD public events such as our CLL workshops.

The CLL strives to make our workshops and programs accessible to the undergraduate community. If you need accommodations, please email us.

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