Leader to Leader Speaker Series

Leader to Leader Speaker Series (LTLSS)

The LTLSS was a series of quarterly events utilizing a variety of formats (including motivational presentations, workshops, and interactive discussions), to explore contemporary leadership issues. Attendees were able to engage with local, regional, and national leaders from various fields.


2018-2019 Series Theme: Leaders in Place

Leaders in Place is a concept based on work by Jon F. Wergin (2007) to describe a form of leadership that does not need a formal title or position.  Rather, Leaders in Place seize opportunities, have the ability, and gather courage to capitalize on the need for leadership in the moment. Leaders in Place deliberately avoid “any trapping of hierarchy and privilege… [and] promote collaboration and joint exploration of issues, with decisions that are built on solid, evidence-based deliberation.”  Leaders in Place utilize their passion and concern for change to position themselves to take action.   The Center for Leadership Learning’s 2018-19 Leader to Leader Speaker Series will be based on this concept to explore how all individuals can learn how to become Leaders in Place.

2018-2019 events


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