Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can benefit from CLL services?
  • The Center for Leadership Learning (CLL) is open and available to serve all undergraduate students at UC Davis. We collaborate with a host of units throughout campus to reach out to the student community.
  • How can I get involved with CLL?
  • We offer a variety of ways for students to tap into our resources and services:
     >   Attend workshops of your interest. Workshops are free and available to all undergraduates.
     >   Participate in our leadership certificate programs.
     >   Enroll in the annual conference and other special events the CLL hosts throughout the year.
     >   Apply for internship opportunities to work closer with CLL staff.

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  • The CLL offers workshops open to undergraduate students, but what do I need to do to attend these workshops?
  • Workshops are free! You don't need to be registered with the CLL to attend. There is no need to RSVP to attend our workshops, you may appear and sign-in on the spot. As a courtesy to our facilitators and other attendees, if you choose to attend a workshop we ask you arrive early and stay for the whole workshop.

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  • What sort of commitment could I expect from the workshops?
  • Most workshops the CLL offers are 50 minutes long and held in the late afternoons of Monday through Thursday. During the workshops, you could expect the facilitator to engage the audience with a variety of activities to give students a chance to practice concepts, as well as discuss the facilitator’s material. When you attend a workshop, we ask you plan on staying for the whole workshop. As learning and practicing student leaders, we also encourage you to take risks, experiment, and share your ideas with your peers during the workshops to get the most of each experience.

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  • What is the attendance policy for workshops?
  • We ask you to please sign-in before the workshop. At the end of the workshop students fill out a feedback form for the workshop attended. We ask you arrive on time, if not a few minutes early, and plan on staying for the whole workshop.

    If you are attending a workshop to pursue a certificate and you are late to the workshop you forfeit credit towards your certificate program. If you leave before the workshop ends you will also forfeit credit towards your certificate program. Please plan your attendance accordingly.

    LEWS Workshops
  • Do I need to work on a certificate program to attend CLL workshops?
  • No! You may attend workshops of your own interest, and as few or as many as you would like. You do not need to enroll in our certificate programs to attend our workshops. The certificates are designed to provide students with deeper and more immersive leadership experiences.

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  • How do I enroll in a certificate program, and what can I do next?
  • If you’re interested in a certificate program, the first step is to acquaint yourself with the program requirements of the program of your interest. We encourage you set an appointment and consult with CLL staff to ensure you fully understand the program requirements to earn a certificate.
    Each certificate program has a different enrollment procedure and timeline; refer to individual program pages for more information on each.

    Certificate Programs
  • How long does it take most students to complete a certificate program?
  • CLL certificate programs take approximately one academic year to complete.
     >  Both the Student Leadership Development Program (SLDP) and the Diversity Leadership Development Program (DLDP) last two quarters, with an additional prerequisite requirement of attending nine select Leadership Essentials Workshops (LEWS) prior to its start (these can be completed in one quarter, or spread out over multiple quarters).  

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  • Who can I contact to learn more about the CLL?
  • If you have specific questions, you may email us with your questions and/or to schedule a 1:1 appointment to meet with CLL staff. At this time, we do not offer open office hours.

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