2019 CLC Team

UC Davis Wins First Place in 2019 Collegiate Leadership Competition

Congratulations to the members of the UC Davis team for winning first place in the 2019 Collegiate Leadership Competition!

If you have not been following along with the Center for Leadership Learning’s latest articles and social media posts, the CLL, in partnership with the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, sponsored a team to represent UC Davis in the 2019 Collegiate Leadership Competition.

The Collegiate Leadership Competition is a nonprofit college leadership program that encourages students with a passion for leadership to cultivate skills in preparation for the workplace. The competition provides an interactive space for teams of young leaders to apply their learned leadership knowledge, skills, and abilities in experiential activities. Each team undergoes weekly training involving activities based on real life settings to allow teams to put their knowledge to action and prepare for the format of the competition.

The UC Davis team was composed of a group of motivated, undergraduate students with diverse interests, majors, and backgrounds, attesting that leadership can apply to people of all different situations. Team members included: Vanessa Holmes, a 2nd year Animal Biology Major; Mengmeng Luo, a 2nd year Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Major; Matt Licina, a 4th year Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Major; Jubi Lin, a 3rd year Biotechnology Major; Sonal Patel, a 4th year Managerial Economics Major; and Neha Rathi, a 2nd year Managerial Economics Major.

With the help of leadership coaches, Christie Navarro, Director of the Center for Leadership Learning, and Corrine Hawes, Student Leadership Development Coordinator for the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, the team competed in a weekend of interactive, team-building challenges against 10 other teams, representing 8 colleges in the Great Lakes Region. During the competition, challenges involved topics such as conflict resolution, ethical decision-making, effective team building, and creative problem solving.

Team Leader, Jubi Lin, was proud of her team’s progress and her own personal development throughout the four month long journey.

Training for CLC was truly a valuable, impactful, and rewarding experience,” says Lin. “I learned a lot from others and I hope others were able to learn from me as well.”

To learn more about the team’s experience at the competition, or how you can discover your own leadership potential with the CLL, attend our Leadership Essentials Workshop Series or one of our quarterly Leader to Leader Speaker Series.

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