Learn from Others with Different Points of View through DLDP


The Center for Leadership Learning offers the Diversity Leadership Development Program (DLDP) for undergraduates to explore concepts related to leadership, diversity, and inclusion. DLDP participants will earn two academic units over a two-quarter duration during winter and spring, a certificate of completion signed by the UC Davis' Chancellor and Vice Provost and Dean for Undergraduate Education, and build strong peer and mentor connections by attending a weekly class seminar.

UC Davis students need look no further from their own campus to find opportunities to learn more deeply about diversity and inclusion while experiencing how to engage with diverse viewpoints in today’s society. DLDP offers participants a safe learning environment to better interact with concepts such as identity, privilege, and oppression.. In order to introduce appreciation of such concepts, DLDP Peer Leaders will facilitate open discussions of sustained dialogue in order to transform personal differences into group understanding and peaceful consideration.

“Sustained dialogue helps students identify unconscious assumptions and reflect deeply to engage in informed community change,” said DLDP Peer Leader Renee Hu. “I think we often have each other’s best interests at heart, but may not convey those interests appropriately. We are all here to help each other learn and grow through dialogue.”

By learning methods to navigate these difficult challenges, students will be better prepared, more qualified individuals for positions in the increasingly diverse working environment.

In order to foster positive change on campus and in the world, DLDP members have the unique opportunity to apply their newfound knowledge and understanding through an internship or collaborative group project with fellow DLDP peers.. This activity allows students to represent their deeper understanding of leadership, diversity, and inclusion through real life situations and actions rather than solely considering hypothetical situations. UC Davis students’ resumes will be strengthened with tangible change from their DLDP experience in order to position themselves as top candidates for future careers.

UC Davis students will not want to miss their chance to further the ideals of diversity and create positive change in the world. Registration for DLDP ends on November 30, 2018!