2013-2014 Professional Experiences

Francisco Arroyo

Professional Experience: Logistics Coordinator, Center for Leadership Learning

Position: Fall 2013, I continued working with the Center for Leadership Learning (CLL) as their Logistics Coordinator with three years working as student staff with the organization. During the fall I worked on creating a formal internship proposal to attempt and recruit an intern to manage web design sometime later in the academic year for the CLL website. Throughout the quarter I was tasked with reporting to my employer, my colleagues, and communicating directly with students about the CLL's services and programs.

David Barga

Professional Experience:Undergraduate Researcher, Chemistry Department

Annie Chen

Professional Experience: Lab assistant, Plant Pathology

Position: I work as a Lab Assistant for David Rizzo’s Lab in the Plan Pathology Department.  I assist any researching and data-collecting of phytophthora ramorum, the fungus specie that is responsible for California native species’ diseases and population decrease.  I work 6 hours a week for 10 weeks in the lab, preparing PARP media and other Petri dishes for fungi growth and data collecting, preparing water vials for long-term storage of fungi, digital data organization, and building tools that improves data-collecting process.  

Hayley Hoffstetter

Professional Experience: Bus Driver, Unitrans

Position: I worked as a bus driver and route trainer for Unitrans. The purpose of Unitrans is to provide a cheap and easy way for people to navigate around Davis. As a bus driver, I was responsible for driving the routes safely and keeping on time. As a route trainer, I was responsible for training new employees driving techniques and company policies.

Faizah Khan

Professional Experience: Vice President, Volunteer Together for Services (VT Seva)

Position: The purpose of my professional experience was to enhance and develop my professionalism. My responsibilities included, running meetings, networking and researching. While being in the SPDP program I was able to develop and learn a different set of professional skills which positively affected my position as Vice President for VT Seva. 

Morgan Nance

Professional Experience: Communications Team Member, Student Ambassador Council of UC Davis Undergraduate Admissions

Position: The purpose of my professional experience was to directly develop necessary skills to make me a more competitive applicant for future employment. It was also to increase my awareness of what qualities are desired by employers. Lastly, how I can make mindful choices to further develop these characteristics and advance my technical and professional expertise.

Priyanka Nookala

Professional Experience: Volunteer, YO

Position: The purpose of my work is to give peer support to youth with disabilities and provide them with educational opportunities and community resources. My responsibilities were to run a youth council and compile recources related to independent living and transitioning to college. I also attended monthly volunteer calls while I also worked with my own youth council to develop educational presentation materials on the topic of disability. I watched webinars so that I could gain more knowledge when mentoring youth. I also help seniors and prospective community college transfer students with navigating the decision making process and knwoing how to effectively work with the disability services on campus as well as community agencies to make sure academic and personal care needs are met.

Jennifer Sheffield

Professional Experience: Volunteer, Craft Center

Position: While volunteering at the UC Davis Craft Center for my professional experience, I manned the front desk and loaned out tools and answered questions for incoming customers. To loan out the tools, I had to get the correct tools from the tool room to check them out, and return them to their proper place when checking them in as well as putting the time in and time out on each tool check-out sheet. I also had cleaning tasks such as properly disposing the photography chemicals, sweeping studios, etc. I also helped customers purchase resale items by using the Craft Center credit system.

Lisa To

Professional Experience: Student Assistant, Graduate Group in Epidemiology

Position: The purpose and responsibility of my professional experience is teaching myself valuable, professional skills, which I can utilize in the future regardless of whether I am working in a small group or working in a career setting. All of the new knowledge I learned from my job experience and from the workshops I attended has given me a better understanding of how I should approach and solve various situations. I can say with confidence that I am now better prepared for the business world, and I would love to teach others the importance of professionalism.

Isabelle Tran

Professional Experience: Student Nutrition SPE Education Coordinator, Sodexo

Position: As the Student Nutrition SPE Education Coordinator for Sodexo, my primary responsibilities were to oversee the Nutrition SPE Interns and weekly tabling shifts. Each week, I prepared the literature and activity, directed the meetings, and supervised the interns during tabling along-side my co-coordinator. I also recorded minutes and presented them at the weekly coordinator’s meeting to my supervisor, Ms. Linda Adams. During the quarter I also assisted in supporting various campus-wide events such as The Health and Wellness Carnival, Farm to Fork and Farm to College, and Celebrate Your Body Week (ABIDE). Through this position, I was able to become more involved with Sodexo, the University of Davis Dining Services, and other campus affiliated organizations. In addition to the weekly duties and campus-wide events mentioned above, I had the opportunity to screen, interview, and hire new incoming interns and coordinators.

Edgar Trujillo

Professional Experience: Program Assistant, Center for Leadership Learning

Position: My task as a program assistant for the Center for Leadership Learning had me assisting interested students with their leadership and professional development via consultations and weekly workshop activities pertaining to diversity, communication, professional development, and foundation of leadership to name a few. I was also taked with administrative duties such as making copies, filling, and database work.

Roderic Vanderscoff

Professional Experience: Program Assistant, Center for Leadership Learning

Position: The professional experience component of the SPDP certificate serves as a great way to apply what I’ve learned from the workshops to my professional work environment. The purpose of the professional experience is to positively reinforce the skills and techniques I have amassed in a real workplace environment so I may better advance my candidacy for positions in the future. This enables me to create and build upon the existing professional regimen and the choices I make in the work place. My responsibilities for my professional experience include data entry, advising for interested and continuing student participants, answering emails in an informed manner, set-up workshops and assist facilitator as requested and be an active participant in workshops, have creative input on projects, and other duties as assigned/needed that help promote the goals of the CLL.

Alex Wilder

Professional Experience: Peer Educator, Center for Leadership Learning

Position: The purpose of my professional experience was to experience what working in a professional environment is like, and to develop skills that will be useful in my future endeavors. The purpose of the Peer Educator program is to educate the undergraduate community about leadership, act as a resource to students and spread the word about the Center for Leadership Learning. I was responsible for practicing and giving presentations to different campus organizations. I had to work effectively with a team to create an engaging educational program about leadership.

Dylan Wilder

Professional Experience: Peer Educator, Center for Leadership Learning

Position: The purpose of my position as a Peer Educator at the Center for Leadership Learning was to spread awareness of leadership to other students at UC Davis. My responsibilities included adapting workshops by observing and practicing them as well as developing my presentation skills. One of my duties was being a volunteer for the Aggies Leading the Way leadership conference on campus where I assisted presenters and guided participants through the program. Also, I worked with two other Peer Educators to prepare and present a workshop on leadership styles to student housing.

Yihui (Sophie) Xu

Professional Experience: Chinese Language Tutor, UC Davis Chinese Department

Position: I'm a very patient person and have studied Chinese Literature for many years. I will try my best to help other UC Davis students who wish to learn chinese language. I have many TA/Tutor positions before in chemistry and Chinese. After this volunteering job as an undergraduate tutor it will help me explore more in a teaching career. Also, I may develop some of the personal abilities such as communication, cooperation in team work at workplace, a strong sense of responsibility, self-management and so on. Because I want to be a Chinese professor in the future, this volunteer experience (such position) can help me a lot in terms of dealing with students/language learners in future workplace.