2012-2013 Professional Experiences

Nia Burnett

Professional Experience:Student Assistant, Center for Leadership Learning

Position: The CLL Student Assistant's main responsibility is to staff nightly leadership and professional development workshops. In the office, the student assistant takes care of any clerical duties and works on their ongoing projects for the program. Each week, the student assistant reports their progress back to their supervisor and coworkers. When special events are being planned, the student takes a leading and/or supporting role with planning and execution of those events.

Elaine Chow

Professional Experience: Undergraduate Research Assistant, Phaff Yeast Culture Collection, Department of Food Science

Position: My position is to assist in research at the UC Davis' Phaff Yeast Culture Collection. I will experience working independently on a variety of projects, which includes identifying and purifying a variety of microbes through ribosomal sequencing, database entries and assisting with the olive project. For the olive project, I will work in a team of faculty, graduate and undergraduate researchers to conduct pilot fermentations to improve quality assurance and quality control management for olove companies. I present current findings from the olive project in a poster presentation at the 24th Annual UC Davis' Undergraduate Research Conference. Furthermore, I will prepare a PowerPoint presentation on the olive project to present during the bi-weekly laboratory meetings. These opportunities will provide me experience in communicating professionally with others in a scientific research environment.

Alexandria Lee

Professional Experience: Desk Staff, Tercero Area Service Desk

Eun Jae (Alice) Lee

Professional Experience: AVID Tutor, O.W. Holmes Junior High School

Position: My professional experience was tutoring ninth grade students as an AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) tutor. AVID is a college readiness system designed to increase student learning and performance. As an AVID tutor, I conducted tutorial sessions which use Socratic questioning and collaborative learning to help students come up with the answers to their questions on their own and by working with fellow students. Other responsibilities included assisting in teaching study skills and other aspects of college preparation, and setting an example of personal excellence and high expectations for AVID students to follow. The main purposes of my professional experience were to guide students toward academic and personal excellence, and to be an outstanding role model for them.

Xin (Cindy) Mei

Professional Experience: Peer Advisor, Transfer Reentry Veteran Center

Position: Working under Student Academic Success Center, as a transfer advisor, I assisted mostly transfer students with their academic and living well-being as a trained professional consultor. Daily tasks in this position include greeting walk-in students, answering phone calls, receiving/sending emails, maintaining social media (ex. Facebook, Twitter, and transfer groups) and monitoring computers and printer using. Also, we are hosting workshops and social events with processes as planning an event, coordinating guest speakers, scheduling time/location, and marketing.

Gregory Merrill

Professional Experience: Student Research Assistant, Aquatic Health Program, Aquatic Toxicology Lab

Position: I study aquatic ecosystem health, focusing on the effects of environmental degradation, illustrated by survival and reproduction of aquatic organisms. In doing so, I am part of an initiative to establish the Aquatic Health Program, a program centered on aquatic ecotoxicology and endocrine disruptor screening and testing. Projects include ambient monitoring from watersheds across the state throughout the year and estuarine systems such as the San Joaquin delta as well as innocative studies that address agricultural run-off including current pyrethroid pesticide use and residual effects from the use of organophosphates. Depending on the project, results are reported to the Environmental Protection Agency or the Department of Pesticide Regulation in an effort to both protect human health as well as environment health.

Roxanna Perex

Professional Experience: Intern/Volunteer at the Pharmacy Administration, Department of Pharmacy, UC Davis Medical Center

Position: I obtained an intern position at the UC Davis Medical Center in the Department of Pharmacy for fall 2012. I volunteered under the supervision of a Pharmacy Supervisor in the Pharmacy Administration. My main task was to analyze and evaluate data dealing with medications that are loaded and unloaded into automated medication machines that are stationed in the different areas of the hospital. This internship is also made for students like me aspiring to become pharmacists with the purpose to learn about the different areas in a hospital that pharmacists work in to increase our awareness of the opportunities in pharmacy and become exposed to the work environment.

Chinsin Sim

Professional Experience: Corporate Affairs Intern, Intel Corporation

Position: The purpose of my professional experience was not only to work with nonprofit organizations to develop volunteer projects that will benefit the Sacramento area, but it was also to maintain and strengthen Intel's reputation in the community by being socially responsible. My job required extensive project management and strong communication skills to recruit volunteers to engage in the local community. Volunteers also used this opportunity as valuable team building activities as well, which is a win-win for both sides. For every hour a volunteer works, the Intel Involved Matching Grant Program donates $10 to the local organization.

Tuyet Tran

Professional Experience: Tutor, Academic Center, Davis Senior High School

Position: As a tutor at the Davis Senior High School Academic Center, I assist students in both small groups and one-on-one in grades 10-12 in multiple subjects, including Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry, Biology, Chemistry, and English, as well as aid students in completing high school assignments and writing scholarship essays. Additionally, I track selected students on their academic progress and arrange meetings with them to discuss their academics and school life. I interact with students on a personal level, encouraging students to participate in school and extracurricular activities, consider attending college, and help them overcome stress from school. Finally, I update my logs on Excel of students and subjects that I work with as well as record student progress.

Saskia Van Donk

Professional Experience: Guest Services Supervisor, UC Davis Conference Housing

Position: A Guest Services Supervisor's primary responsibility is the overseeing of the Conference Housing Guest Services Assistants. Guest Services Supervisors ensure that all Conference Housing operations run smoothly most tangibly by acting as a liaison between administrative staff, Guest Services Assistants, various university departments and employees, and guests. Guest Service Supervisors are responsible for daily coordination of Guest Services Assistants and provide solutions and support to any problems that might arise.

Karen Whitestone

Professional Experience: Assistant Database Manager, Solar Cookers International

Position: My purpose at Solar Cookers International is to assist cleaning up the database of donors, a rich catalog of supportive individuals and businesses spanning 25 years. I am responsible for administrative access to all donor information, logging new donations, answering the phone, and co-authoring an office manual for database-related tasks. I have assessed many issues associated with the transition of one database programmer to another, instructed myself on database-related concepts and terminology, performed troubleshooting, and provided leadership for getting the nonprofit back up-to-date.