2011-2012 Professional Experiences

Farrah Chehrazi

Professional Experience: Student Program Assistant, Center for Leadership Learning

Professional Experience: Assistant External Director, Lobby Corps, Associated Students of UC Davis

Position: The Assistant External Director of Lobby Corps is responsible for working with the External Director on areas related to the external functions of the organization. These include contacting legislative offices to schedule lobby visits, keeping accurate and useful records of past and future lobby visits, and communicating this information efficiently to the rest of the Executive Board and volunteer corps. In addition, the Assistant External Director monitors student governmental legislation that would apply to or affect Lobby Corps and advises the Lobby Corps Director on these matters. Finally, as a member of the Lobby Corps Executive Board, the Assistant External Director is expected to provide input and advice on his relevant areas of expertise.

Professional Experience: Floor Staff, Total Beauty Experience

Position: To gain experience in the workforce, I got a part-time job in Spetember 2011 at Total Beauty Experience, a retail Beauty Store and Salon. I am a "Floor Staff" employee and my responsibilities range from greeting customers at the door, to cleaning the store, to selling product on the floor. I work closely with customers, my fellow employees, and my management to continue to help my employer's business expand.

Professional Experience: Research Assistant, Social Evaluation and Emotion Lab

Position: As a Research Assistant, my responsibilities include assisting Ph.D. students at the research lab to design and conduct psychology experiments investigating the effects of emotion on cognition, with the emphasis on decision-making, working closely with the lab manager and 13 other Research Assistants to complete necessary office works, analyzing experiement data, interpreting results, and creatively solving problems we encounter. The purpose of my position is to assist Professor Moons, the head of the research lab, and Ph.D. students to accomplish the experiment studies in order to answer research questions.

Professional Experience: Student Data Outreach Assistant, UC Davis Early Academic Outreach Program

Position: During my professional experience, I was a Data Student Outreach Assistant for the Early Academic Outreach Program. A large amount of accurate data is needed in order to show the progress and change of student retention rates and success in the Sacramento area. My responsibilities were to enter, edit, record, and keep files of all the data in the computer data base of applications, data change forms, activity report forms, and other data needed for the reports.

Professional Experience: Writer, Triple Helix, UC Davis Chapter

Position: As a writer for Triple Helix, my role was to write about a topic that relates science and society. I was to adhere to the writing schedule set out by the chief editors and address all comments made by my editors. If deemed acceptable, the finished paper is submitted to the Triple Helix International Journal for possible publication

Professional Experience: CHA101/EXB106 Lecture Aide, Department of Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior

Position: As a CHA101/EXB106 Lecture Aide, I am a member of the teaching staff for the UC Davis undergraduate human gross anatomy course. My primary responsibility is to teach a weekly two-hour review session, in which I cover the lecture material from the previous week and answer student questions. In addition to my individual lecture reviews, I collaborate with my fellow Lecture Aides to develop and teach exam review sessions before both midterms and the final exam. I attend lecture and podcast each lecture so they are avaliable for the students to download to assist with their studies. I also meet with students on an as requested basis to provide additional tutoring hours and to discuss how students can better study for the course and prepare for exams.