Spring Celebration 2020

Spring Celebration

Congrats to all Center for Leadership Learning students for their accomplishments during the 2019-2020 academic year! 

We thank and congratulate students who have earned a 2020 certificate of completion for the Student Leadership Development Program (SLDP) or Diversity Leadership Development Program (DLDP) and provide special recognition to graduating seniors who have completed a CLL certificate or internship program in any academic year.

On Tuesday, June 2, we met via Zoom to acknowledge these students; see below for a recap (including a special video toast from Alejandro Vilchez!)

Congrats from the CLL Staff



5:25-5:30 pm    Pre-show Music Video 

The Virtual Video Game Orchestra - a new worldwide ensemble featuring a number of UC Davis students including CLL Intern Ziad Asadi

5:30-5:45 pm    Opening and Welcome; Leadership Matters

Christie Navarro - Director, Center for Leadership Learning
Dr. Carolyn Thomas - Vice Provost and Dean for Undergraduate Education, Professor of American Studies

5:45-6:15 pm     Recognition

Dr. Helen Schurke Frasier – Assistant Vice Provost, Undergraduate Education
Christie Navarro – Director, Center for Leadership Learning

View the Graduating Seniors Recognition Video


  • Graduating Seniors
  • Ziad Asadi,  Christopher Campaigne*,  Balvinder Chand*,  Joanna Chen,  Paige Derryman*,  Ryan Alejandro Fonseca-Vega*,  Tim Ho*, Ioana Ignatescu,  Rebecca Johnson,  Anastasie Lenoir*,  Audrey Lin,  Chaodan Luo,  Megan Ma,  Emily Mijangos*,  Elisa Morillo,  Evelyn Nguyen,  Imara Ortiz-Donate,  Diana Quintero,  Ammara Rehman*,  Ivan Rocha,  Simon Santos,  Emily Shintani,  Rohan Singh,  Shaye Spani,  Chloe Thepenier,  Naveena Ujagar,  Jency Umana Linares,  Mai Xiong,  Sharon Yang,  Wenyue Zhao,  Susanna  Zheng
    * 2020 Certificate Recipients
  • SLDP Certificate Recipients
  • Christopher Campaigne*,  Paige Derryman*,  Ryan Alejandro Fonseca-Vega*,  Tim Ho*,  Nayoung Kim,  Max Lin,  Shruti Malige,  Alexander Manuel Martinez,  Stacey Martinez,  Ashleigh McNeil,  Emily Mijangos*,  Carlos Munoz,  Joy Pedersen,  Alexandra Rivas,  Bailey Robinson Burmester,  Cameron Rose,  Elizabeth Uemura,  Kayla Vogt,  Shiyu Wu
    * 2020 Graduating Seniors
  •  DLDP Certificate Recipients
  • Emita Amatya,  Harshanna Badhesha,  Balvinder Chand*,  Xinyu Cheng,  Alyssa Ferrari,  Ryan Alejandro Fonseca-Vega*,  Hadia Lalagul,  Anastasie Lenoir*,  Qiuying Liao,  Reyna Morabe,  Huyen Nguyen,  Maire O'Sullivan,  Athena Perez,  Ammara Rehman*,  Marah Sabbah,  Jessica Soto,  Duyen Tran,  Yuxin Wang,  Ziqi Wang,  Constance Wong
    * 2020 Graduating Seniors
  • CLL Volunteers
  • Hazel Lara
    Constance Wong
  • CLL Interns
  • Thanadee Amornkasemwong,  Ziad Asadi,  Keke Bell,  Jessica Chimil,  Max Lin,  Hannah Lofranco,  Megan Ma,  Elisa Morillo,  Maire O'Sullivan,  Imara Ortiz-Donate,  Simon Santos,  Diana Velarde,  Brandon Vernoy,  Susanna Zheng

6:15-6:30 pm    Affirmation and Toast - NEW! Video 

Alejandro Vilchez – Principal, A V Consulting (thanks to the wonders of technology!)

Closing Remarks
Christie Navarro – Director, Center for Leadership Learning


Celebration Group Photo