Trent Capurso

Trent Capurso

Position Title
Graduate Student – History; Alum - UCD and Center for Leadership Learning; they/them/theirs, he/him/his

CSU Sacramento


Trent Capurso is a second-year graduate student in the history department at Sacramento State. Recently, he obtained his B.A. degree from UC Davis in history along with a departmental citation. Currently, Trent is the president of the Sacramento State history honor society (Phi Alpha Theta) and will graduate with their M.A. in Spring 2020. They have also presented their research at history conferences symposiums and presented at the Undergraduate Leadership Conference twice before. In the future, Trent aspires to travel the world, learn multiple languages, and become a community college professor. In his free time, he loves to eat, workout, read history books, see live music, dialogue about social issues, and procrastinate. A quote that Trent lives by is, “Another day, another slay!"