Sandy Holman

Sandy Holman

Position Title

The Culture C.O.-O.P.


Sandy Holman is the founder of The Culture C.O.-O.P., a Davis-based not-for-profit organization she developed to assist people and organizations working with diversity in education, business and the community.  She has served as a consultant to countless organizations, locally and nationally, to help meet the needs of diverse populations. She also has committed herself to advocacy for children and education. Her experiences as an educator, program coordinator, counselor, outreach consultant, prevention coordinator, equity specialist, and author have given her a practitioner’s insight into the challenges communities and organizations are facing that goes well beyond theoretical research. 

Sandy’s innovation in approaching a broad array of difficult issues has had a tremendous impact on those she has worked with. She continues to work directly with many challenged youth and with those working with youth to demonstrate it is never too late to make a difference. Sandy is truly inspirational and committed in all her endeavors and currently continues to work on quality multi-cultural literature, providing training for youth and adults, and promoting literacy around the country. She is releasing a CD next year with songs for educators and youth.