Volunteer Hazel Lara

Learn What it's Like to be a CLL Volunteer

Did you know the CLL offers volunteer experience? Having volunteer experience will set you apart in the job market or graduate school applications. It will also provide you with essential skills that will enhance your academic career. Volunteer experience displays interest beyond academics. It will help you gain confidence and help you market your soft and hard skills.

Being a volunteer at the Center for Leadership Learning is engaging and fun. This winter quarter we offered two positions: Marketing & Promotion and Workshop Assistant.  We interviewed our wonderful winter 2020 workshop assistant Hazel. She is a second year Sociology and Chicanx Studies double major.


Q: Why did you decide to be a workshop volunteer?

A: I wanted to get myself out of my comfort zone. I wanted to expand my network and get volunteer experience. I also wanted to be more involved in campus organizations, so this opportunity was perfect for me

Q: Tell us a little bit about your experience and some of your responsibilities.

A: I help set up for the workshops and help workshop facilitators. I’m always helping out with the flow of the workshop but I’m also learning, and I often get to participate.
The CLL staff has always been very kind and helpful.  They made me feel welcome and comfortable since day one.

Q: How has your perspective about leadership changed?

A: I definitely have more context about what leadership means. I’ve learned about conflict management and how to effectively communicate with others. I really like that I get to apply those skills in my everyday life.


Apply by March 20 to be a Workshop Assistant for Spring 2020!

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