Take Action

8 minutes, 46 seconds

The Center for Leadership Learning stands in solidarity with the Black and African American community and strongly denounces the abuse of power by law enforcement and positional leaders who cultivate and perpetuate systemic oppression and racism. 

Following the death of George Floyd by the hands of Minnesota Police officers, among so many other Black Americans for decades, and the protests we all see, literally around the world, we, as a society, are presented with a choice. 

Do we take action or do we continue down the same path?

At this moment, I feel my own leadership being challenged and called upon and, I am thinking many more people may be experiencing similar feelings.  At the CLL, we stress that leadership is about having purpose and intentionally making a positive difference.  I implore that each of you – especially White Americans – make a commitment to educate, mobilize, and act.  In other words - lead!

START by taking 8 minutes and 46 seconds, the time it took to take George Floyd’s life, to learn how you can take action.  After that, make the COMMITMENT to spend more and more time, EVERY DAY, to work together to create a more inclusive, just, and peaceful world.

In solidarity,

Christie Navarro
Center for Leadership Learning

Resources to help you get started