Leader to Leader Speaker Series: Alejandro Vilchez

Leader to Leader Speaker Series - 11/8/2017


Alejandro Vilchez
Lessons From the Field: Catalyzing community change


A Leader to Leader Speaker Series Event

We all know that change does not happen in a vacuum. Leaders need to collaborate with other leaders and community members to advance causes and make an impact, but what are the challenges embedded in creating such change?  How can a leader mobilize their passion into action?  Join us to hear lessons learned, pitfalls, and successes from community activist Alejandro Vilchez. 

For over 20 years, Alejandro has served communities, locally and nationally, who seek support in the areas of violence prevention, conflict resolution, creating safe campus climate, team building, neighborhood revitalization, and cultural humility. His approach in serving is based on the belief that communities become safer through interpersonal communication, cultural understanding, personal responsibility, and community engagement.

Mixing presentation with small-group discussions, this first installment of CLL’s Leader to Leader Speaker Series is not one to miss!

About the Speaker

Alejandro’s career has taken him across the spectrum, from direct service provider to fundraising, to senior management. No matter what role he’s in, it’s always one focused on youth development, violence prevention, and community engagement.  Today, he works as an independent consultant, supporting schools, local governments and organizations as they work on creating safe environments, strong teams, and cultural competency.  He has coordinated national gang peace summits, co-founded the anti-bullying program KLEAR (Kids Learning Empathy and Respect), structured multiple gang mediations and developed the Strengthening Neighborhoods Program, that is now a model for law enforcement and neighborhoods working together to reduce street violence. He is also a founding member of the San Mateo County Violence Prevention Network.

Known as “Mr. HOMiE” (Helping Others Move into Excellence) around his local community, he acknowledges young people as they are and helps them see past their current circumstances towards a positive and life-affirming future.  Alejandro is native to the SF Bay Area and earned two Bachelor Degrees from Bethany University (Cross-Cultural Communications) and Notre Dame de Namur University (Human Services).  Alejandro’s passion for embracing history and culture extends beyond the workplace. In his spare time, enjoys baseball, all think C.S. Lewis and he’s a connoisseur of vintage Cuban music, classic cars, and wing tip shoes.

About the Leader to Leader Speaker Series

The LTLSS is a series of quarterly events utilizing a variety of formats (including motivational presentations, workshops, and interactive discussions), to explore contemporary leadership issues.  Attend to engage with local, regional, and national leaders from various fields.