SLDS Certificate Requirements

SLDS Certificate


To earn a SLDS certificate, students must complete the workshop requirement and complete a SLDS Group Project. Requirements must be completed by Spring 2017. 

Students must attend at least one (1) workshop in each of the following categories, for a total of eight (8) workshops:

  • (FL) Foundations of Leadership
  • (CM) Communication
  • (DV) Diversity
  • (EP) Ethics and Personal Integrity
  • (HW) Health and Wellness
  • (PD) Professional Development
  • (SR) Social Responsibility
  • (TD) Team Development

Group Project

The Group Project is a quarter-long commitment available during Fall, Winter, and Spring. Students are eligible to enroll in the SLDS Group Project once they attend all eight workshops. Students must RSVP and attend a mandatory meeting at the beginning of the quarter to join a SLDS Group Project team. Students who join a SLDS Group Project team have the option to enroll in the Self-Directed Group Study: SLDS Group Project course.*

Students who sign up and attend an initial Group Project meeting are expected to commit to their team and the project for the entire quarter. Once students establish teams, they are responsible for the project focus, meeting times for the entire quarter, participation expectations, and assigned duties. Students can expect to spend a minimum of 2.5 hours per week in meetings and on project tasks. Weekly updates to the CLL Staff Advisor, a self-reflection essay, peer evaluation, and a final project presentation are required to complete the SLDS Group Project. 

* Enrollment in the Self-Directed Group Study course is optional. Course CRN can be retrieved from CLL staff by emailing your request to  The course is Pass/No Pass and one (1) unit of credit will be posted on students' transcripts. Special waivers for the number of workshops completed and/or course enrollment will be considered on a case-by-case basis only.

Planning Sheet

Students who are enrolled in SLDS may download a planning sheet to help them keep track of certificate requirements.

Download the SLDS planning sheet here