Workshop Topics


The Leadership Essentials Workshops Series includes different topical workshops which are offered multiple times per year.
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Workshop Topics and Descriptions

Foundations of Leadership

FLLeadership is more than title and position, telling others what to do, or having authority and power. Rather, it is a process of collaborating with others to create positive change.  

This workshop will help you deconstruct outdated ways of thinking about leadership and highlight practices needed to address complex problems for a complex world.

Students actively participating in this workshop will:

  • Understand the complexity of leadership theory and practice
  • Understand the need to apply a critical lens to dominant leadership narratives
  • Develop an awareness of their identity as a leader
  • Begin crafting a pathway to rebuild thoughts and beliefs about leadership


SAEach person brings individual qualities, experiences and values when engaging in leadership, and understanding of these aspects of yourself is essential.

In this workshop, you will explore how self-knowledge impacts your goals as a leader and helps you navigate interactions with others. 

Students actively participating in this workshop will:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of themselves
  • Understand the importance of self-awareness
  • Identify their personal values and how they contribute to leadership
  • Establish goals for self-development


COMCommunication is multidimensional and involves more than just talking. Awareness of what is communicated beyond words is essential.

This workshop will help you learn techniques to use within multiple contexts, develop an awareness of communicating across difference, and employ active listening skills. 

Students actively participating in this workshop will:

  • Practice applying appropriate verbal and non-verbal communication techniques
  • Begin developing an awareness of communicating across differences
  • Exercise active listening skills

Group Development

ICGroup work is something you will encounter throughout college and beyond. When working with others it is helpful to have a solid understanding of how groups form, operate, and change.

In this workshop, you will learn how to establish productive relationships and foster teamwork within your group.                     

Students actively participating in this workshop will:

  • Learn how groups form and develop
  • Be able to distinguish between groups and teams
  • Explore strategies to increase group functionality

Dimensions of Diversity

DDTo effectively collaborate, we need to understand and learn from others who embody different identities, experiences, and beliefs.  

This workshop will help you explore social identities, ways in which difference impacts how we interact with others, and the concepts of power, privilege and oppression.

Students actively participating in this workshop will:

  • Understand the dimensions of diversity
  • Articulate their personal and social identity
  • Understand how identity influences leadership

Conflict Management

CONConflicts are often seen in a negative light, but  when viewed through a different lens, they can become opportunities for change and growth. 

In this workshop, you will learn to recognize multiple forms and factors of conflict and practice different approaches of conflict management.

Students actively participating in this workshop will:

  • Recognize common sources of conflict as they show up in our lives
  • Understand strengths and limitations of the different conflict styles
  • Gain confidence in practicing conflict management

Global Perspectives

Global PerspectivesGlobal AffairsAs we live in a continuously globalized environment, awareness and acknowledgement of cultural differences is vital to effective leadership.

Participants in this workshop will develop the foundations that are important to understanding and adapting to the diverse climates and situations in which they will encounter throughout their lives.

This workshop was developed by UC Davis Global Affairs as part of a collaborative initiative with the Center for Leadership Learning.


Ethics and Trust

Ethics and Trust IconEvery decision a person makes is guided by their own set of ethics.

In this workshop, you will explore ethics as a framework for decision-making, clarify your own ethical principles, understand the importance of integrity within organizations, and learn ways to build individual trust.

Students actively participating in this workshop will:

  • Analyze how different factors of a problem may affect their own decision making
  • Understand the benefits of organizational integrity
  • Know how to build credibility as an individual


Balancing Your Plate

Balancing Your Plate IconPeople often have varied responsibilities that compete with one another, are overwhelming, and impact the quality of decisions. For a leader to be effective, it is necessary to find balance between each of their pursuits.

In this workshop, you will learn to set priorities, strategize a time management plan, and practice self-care.

Students actively participating in this workshop will:

  • Weigh responsibilities and set priorities in different parts of life
  • Strategize a game plan for time management
  • Understand the relationship between leadership and stress
  • Understand methods for self-care and recuperation