Jesús Gonzáles Cruz


Position Title
Peer Educator Intern

  • Center for Leadership Learning

“We hardly know ourselves if we know nobody else” -MC Geologic

Major: English & Sociology
Year: Fourth
Hometown: San Jose

I believe learning to be courageous is the single greatest skill anyone can develop. How and where this manifests varies from person to person, situation to situation, and from day to day. It can be introducing yourself to the classmate next to you in a lecture, complimenting someone on a new haircut, or standing up to someone being offensive and derogatory. The “magnitude” of the act is less important than what it is: an act of courage. Exercising and developing one’s capacity to be courageous opens doors; doors to meeting new and amazing people, finding out about and landing exciting opportunities, and expanding one’s horizons. Courage makes life sweeter and more wondrous, and allows one to make the connections necessary to not only know the self but also the world. Being a courageous person allows one to create the very change one wants to see in said world, and that is something truly worth striving for.