Andrea Martinez Vera

Picture of Andrea

Position Title
Peer Educator


“Before you can lead others, before you can help others, you have to discover yourself.” Joe Jaworski

Major Human Biology
Year 4th year
Hometown San Mateo, CA

The steps I have taken to developing my leadership skills, are steps that have also helped me to grow as a person overall. To grow you must be aware of your own shortcomings and/or build yourself a foundation of friends and colleagues that will effectively give you the hard feedback ultimately for you to further develop. In both professional and personal settings being told you have done something wrong or hearing negative commentary on one’s work or action can be very uncomfortable, but to be a daring leader you need not fear any conversation that can better your group or yourself. A leader goes one step farther by providing the environment for other to skill up to having this hard
conversation, and/or by facilitating an area that lets anyone admit they are confused or in need of help without fear of facing judge or repercussions.