Common Misconceptions

In response to all of the misconceptions that we hear from both new and returning students about our services, we have designed this page as a resource to help clairfy our services.


Below are eight of the misconceptions that have come to our attention.  If you hover your mouse over one of the puzzle pieces the truth shall be revealed.

You will get certificate credit for all workshops as long as you sign in.

We keep a record of all workshop attendees who sign in at the begining of each workshop.  If you later decide to register for a certificate program, we will be happy to credit your past attendance.

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Everyone can benefit from our workshops, including those in an informal leadership role.

The Center for Leadership Learning firmly believes in the idea of non-positional leadership that serves the common good, and that everyone can learn to be an effective leader.

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Workshop credit rolls over from year to year, throughout your undergraduate career until Spring 2017.

Workshop Credit for the 2016-17 Academic Year includes credit of all prior years but ALL requirements for a certificate must be completed by Spring 2017 to receive a certificate. 

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All of our workshops are free and open to all UC Davis Undergraduates.

There is no cost for any of our workshops or services, however we do charge a small fee for our annual Leadership Conference, known as Aggies Leading the Way.

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You can attend any workshops that you want.

Our quarterly workshops are open to all undergraduates.  Students may attend as many workshops as they wish, with no minimum or maximum requirements.  Keep in mind that there are specific certificate requirements, and we encourage you to go to more workshops than the certificate requires.

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If you leave early from a workshop or arrive late, you will not receive credit for attending.

In order to make sure that you receive the most benefit from our certificate programs, we require that you attend the entire workshop in order to receive credit toward your certificate.

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You may begin your quarter-long SLDS and/or SPDP experience once you complete all 8 of the required workshops.

Once you have completed all eight of the required workshops, as a courtesy, we will email you to remind you that you are eligible to begin your quarter long experience.  The quarter long experience varies depending on which certificate program you are enrolled in.  For our SLDS certificate you will need to complete a group project, while our SPDP certificate requires a professional experience.

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You do not need to RSVP for our workshops.

While no RSVP is required, we do require that you arrive on time and stay for the entire workshop.  This strict attendance policy is out of courtesy to both the facilitators and the other attendees.

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