2016 Aggies Leading the Way!

The third annual Aggies Leading the Way! Undergraduate Leadership Conference was held on February 20, 2016.

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Sandy Holman - Conference Keynote Speaker

Keynote Speaker

Through a variety of interactive workshops and large-group activities, we aimed to help students:

1. Identify their individual passion and shape their own purpose

2. Recognize how their own passion and purpose connects and complements those of others

3. Understand how molding a collective of individual passions contributes to creating meaningful change

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Main Conference Workshop Areas

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Session 1 - Identifying Your Passion, Shaping Your Purpose (11:15a - 12:30p)

Session 1 workshops focus on helping students identify their individual passion and how passions can be shaped into a larger purpose. Recognizing that individual passion can be applied in many areas of life, Session 1 workshops will offer opportunities for students to explore what drives them and, most importantly, how to turn that drive into action.

Session 2 - Connecting Passions, Increasing Impact (1:30p - 2:45p)

Session 2 workshops focus on helping students recognize how connecting their individual passion with the passions of others can have a larger impact. Rather than spending countless hours alone working toward change, creating partnerships can not only be motivating but also an opportunity to having a larger impact.

Session 3 - Molding a Collective Passion, Creating Meaningful Change (2:50p - 4:05p)

Session 3 workshops focus on helping students understand how molding a collective of individual passions can contribute to creating meaningful change. Greater impact and change occurs in the power of numbers and, by working with others of similar passion and purpose, much can be accomplished.

Sculpting Room - Relax, Reflect, Regroup: A unique and creative way to sculpt your passion into action (12:30p - 4:05p, Meeting Room 1)

Enjoy a quiet and comfortable space for self-reflection to help you explore how your passion manifests in your life and informs your leadership. A variety of materials will be available at hands-on reflection stations to help you express your passion through creative interpretation. Whether it is a visual representation, written expression, or doodles, you will have the opportunity to work out your ideas and plan of action while sharing your creation with other conference attendees. There will be a facilitator in the room for guidance, but the space is really driven by you!

Kamaal Thomas

Student Speaker

Kamaal Thomas

Kamaal Thomas is a 2012 recipient of the prestigious Bill Gates Millennium Scholarship. He is also a Gilman International Scholar and Princeton University Public Policy & International Affairs Fellow. At 21 years old, he is currently a senior attending the University of California-Davis where he is majoring in International Relations and serves as an undergraduate student Senator. During his junior year, he spent 12 months conducting research at the University of Hong Kong (HKU) and was the starting Shooting Guard for HKU Men's Basketball Team.

After graduation, he intends to pursue a career with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to work on cybersecurity issues and U.S.-China relations. He is a youth mentor for Brother II Brother, a Black male youth mentoring organization located in Southern California, and serves as an Alumni Representative for the Davis Washington Program, and is the Student Ambassador for President Obama's 100,000 Strong Initiative: an effort to increase the number of Americans learning and studying in China. On his spare time, he is a guest speaker on LA Talk Radio and gives motivational speeches on a range of topics from police brutality, Black educational achievement, reducing inner-city gang violence, to redefining Blackness at home and abroad, and cybersecurity policy.

Conference Resources

Download a copy of the 2016 Aggies Leading the Way program.

Below are the available presentations from the conference workshops.

Session 1 Presentations - Self

Power of Moh-Doh-Vation by Maria Bundang & Zachary McLaughlin

Strengths-Based Development: Developing Your Best Self for Your Purpose by Sara Reed

Session 2 Presentations - Others

True Colors by Ruby Victoria, Nicole Fernandez & Yousef Buzayan

Can You Hear Me Out There?!?! by Jenine Jenkins

Connecting Passion to Career by Corrine Hawes

High-Impact Feedback by Laurie Stillman

Session 3 Presentations - Context

How to Effectively Organize: Employing the Outside Game by Tonina Bellante

Yes, YOU are Creative: Unleashing Your Imagination to Spur Innovative Change by Kelli Sholer & Kaelin Souza

Daring Greatly: Passion Mapping Your Leadership Manifesto by Sara Blair

Workshop Descriptions

Session 1 (11:15a - 12:30p)

Power of Mo-Doh-Vation

Maria Bundang & Zachary McLaughlin  |  Meeting Room 3

This workshop focuses on the components of personal values, motivation, and goals and how they are all interconnected with one another. Some of the topics we will be covering include: short term and long term goals, internal locus of control, your core values, and most importantly PLAY-DOH! You will be making a figure out of Play-Doh to represent who you are as a person, which will be applied to helping you find your leadership style. This fun, interactive, and inclusive presentation is a perfect way to get yourself off on the right foot for the rest of the conference by identifying your passion and giving you the tools to apply that in the future.

Strengths-Based Development: Developing Your Best Self for Your Purpose

Sara Reed  |  Ballroom A

Self-assessment is a crucial piece of discovering a leader's purpose and passion. This workshop will connect the pieces of self-assessment and self-reflection, using a strengths-based framework. Frequently leadership and professional development focus on what needs to be "fixed" or made better. Instead, the presenter will propose a strengths-based focus to help students learn more about how to leverage their strengths and develop skills that can be amplified. Based on the work of Zenger, Folkman, & Edinger (2011) and Rath (2009), this workshop will strive to show students how self-assessment and self-reflection with a context of a strengths-based approach can help them develop their leadership skills.

Identity & Leadership

Daniel Cardenas  |  Meeting Room 1

"Identity manifests in the way we lead, supervise, make decisions, persuade, form relationships, and negotiate the myriad of responsibilities faced each day" (Chavez & Sanlo, 2013). Inspired by the book sharing the same title, this workshop engages participants to reflect on personal identity, values one holds, and therefore how leadership behaviors manifest. Partly informational though mainly largely interactive, this workshop asks participants to be ready to reflect, share, and contribute to the learning within the space. This workshop is a starting point for emerging leaders to understand how their personal identity informs their values and, in some cases, actions or in-action. It is the presenter’s hope that attendees will leave understanding the impetus for their passions and in what ways they can sculpt their future actions.

Art as Resistance: Channeling Creativity for Social Change

Julio Salgado & Nia King  |  Ballroom B

This workshops is designed to help students who are creatively inclined figure out how sculpt their passion into action for social change. Artist Julio Salgado and journalist Nia King discuss how they discovered what they are passionate about, what they are good at, and what gives them life. Each will start by speaking about their work, then open the floor up for questions. Participants will be asked to identify their own passions, strengths, and healing strategies. At the end, we will regroup to discuss ways to channel our strengths and passions into ways of creating the kind of social change we want to see in the world.

Strengths, Challenges, Growth: Identifying the Color of Your Cape

Christina Halliwell & Kaelin Souza  |  Meeting Room 2

What color is your cape? By illustrating your super powers, through your character strengths, you will enhance opportunities. This workshop is designed to help students explore what drives them and, most importantly, learn how to turn that drive into action. Participants will be encouraged to reevaluate personal values and attributes and discover how to create effective educational experiences by reflecting on the challenges and choices before them. Start your adventure in destroying your kryptonite and discovering your super powers in a highly interactive, group-based learning environment!

Session 2 (1:30p - 2:45p)

True Colors

Ruby Victoria, Nicole Fernandez & Yousef Buzayan  |  Meeting Room 3

Discover your brightest personality traits, while appreciating the differences in the character traits of your peers. Recognize the strengths and motivations of all personality types to help you work better with others and create working relationships. This workshop helps students recognize their peers strengths and weaknesses. In doing so, they learn how to work together even if they are different, by learning to compromise.

Can You Hear Me Out There?!?!

Jenine Jenkins  |  Ballroom A

In order for us to "Sculpt Passion into Action" we have to listen. Listen to our parents, professors, mentors, and a whole host of others with valuable insight that will aid in the journey that is about to get underway. Understanding the principles of active listen and how to apply them will insure that we collect all of the necessary information needed in order to attain success. This workshop is designed to cover the basics of active listening and help students learn how to focus on not only what is being said, but what is not being said as well. Both types of messages could mean the difference between ‘just a job’ and finding our passion.

Connecting Passion to Career

Corrine Hawes  |  Meeting Room 2

Passion doesn't always have to be directly connected to a future career. Perhaps you enjoy a certain hobby or are passionate about a cause that you think is 'unrelated' to your career path. Learn more about transferable skills and how to connect and market your passion on your resume.

High-Impact Feedback

Laurie Stillman  |  Ballroom B

As children, many of us learned the phrase, “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”. While this old adage has its purpose, it often fuels our discomfort with giving necessary feedback to others. What if we reframe our perspective about feedback to think of it as a skill that can impact our lives and our leadership in profound ways? As students take their purpose from imagination to action, they require the ability to generate and give feedback and to distill its value, even when it is not delivered well. Effective feedback stimulates our growth, refines our purpose and goals, improves the performance of individuals and teams, and helps us to connect and find common ground with others. In this workshop we will explore best practices for giving and receiving feedback for high-impact leadership communication.

Session 3 (2:50p - 4:05p)

How to Effectively Organize: Employing the Outside Game

Tonina Bellante  |  Ballroom B

Once you have some people behind you, you can change things. In this workshop, we'll discuss the leverage that we have as organizers over decision makers and corporations and how to use that leverage effectively. We will work through a scenario- defining the
target, their self-interest, our goal, and the strategy we should use to make change happen!

Issues to Action

Lina Mendez  |  Meeting Room 3

This workshop will help students identify a local issue that is important to them and it will teach them to work as part of a team to solve that issue. Students will learn that sometimes a team will focus on what they are passionate about, while other times the focus may be on others’ passions. When this happens, how do people continue to contribute to solving an issue as part of a team when their idea wasn't chosen? This interactive workshop where participants work as a team to identify an issue in their community/school that needs to change. Together they will decide what steps/resources are needed to create change and determine a feasible timeline.

Yes, YOU are Creative: Unleashing Your Imagination to Spur Innovative Change

Kelli Sholer & Kaelin Souza  |  Meeting Room 2

Creativity is a force that should be enthusiastically encouraged as a vital resource in today's every changing world. This interactive workshop will explore the power of harnessing our creativity collectively and why “right-brain” skills are increasingly necessary for students entering the 21st century economy. Participants will learn how the cultivation of imagination is the foundation for innovation. Misconceptions about creativity will be addressed including the myth that you must be artistic to be creative. Through group participation and breakout activities, the workshop will address skills and abilities that will equip students with further insight about using their own creativity individually and collectively to impact the world in meaningful ways.

Daring Greatly: Passion Mapping Your Leadership Manifesto

Sara Blair  |  Ballroom A

What are you passionate about? What gives you life? What makes your heart beat faster and makes the excitement stir in your belly? These are questions we ask ourselves and questions that others ask of us as we think about coming into our own as leaders. The next step: taking what we are passionate about, understanding it, and giving it power by turning it into action. Come to this session to begin mapping your passion(s) and learn how to sculpt them into action to create meaningful change as a leader. Participants will leave this session with their own Leadership Passion Manifesto.

Facilitator Biographies

SESSION 1 (11:15a - 12:30p)

2016 Conference PhotoMaria Bundang Resident Advisor – UC Davis Student Housing

Maria Bundang is a second year Psychology A.B. Major with two minors in Education and Statistics. Her goal is to go into Educational Psychology for graduate school. From there, she plans on becoming a licensed therapist and working with special needs children in the Educational field. Currently, Maria is a Resident Advisor for UC Davis Student Housing and interns at an elementary school. A fun fact about her is that she has over 50 first-blood cousins; therefore, she has a huge family. Maria also has random talents, such as balancing multiple textbooks on her head and walking around and touching her nose with her tongue.

Daniel Cardenas, Program Coordinator – UC Davis Cross Cultural Center

Raised in the East Sacramento suburb of Fair Oaks, Daniel Cardenas (he/him/his) is a Northern Californian through and through. He now lives in Colonial Heights, Sacramento with his partner and daughter. He loves exploring from the Bay, to hiking the redwoods of the north coast, to snowboarding in the Sierras. As an educator, he is interested in the assessment of the intersections of social justice and student artistic expression. He also writes and perform his own poetry, and is active member in the global #HipHopEd movement. This year he has the honor of working with the Native (Powwow and Native American Culture Days), Chicanx/Latinx (La Gran Tardeada & La Raza Culture Days), and Mixed/Multi-Racial/Multi-Ethnic (Mixed Heritage Week) communities.

Christina Halliwell, Advising Assistant – UC Davis Department of Nutrition

Christina Halliwell, BA, works in Academic Advising services with the department of Nutrition. Chris obtained her Undergraduate degree in Organizational Leadership. She is seeking a Masters in Psychology. Chris' diverse background includes working with students and their
families in the K-12 school system as well as a Corporate Trainer.

Nia King, Journalist and Artist

Nia King is a multimedia journalist whose work focuses on political art by women, queer people and people of color. She is the author of Queer and Trans Artists of Color: Stories of Some of Our Lives and the host and producer of We Want the Airwaves podcast. Her writing has been published in ColorLines, East Bay Express and Women & Performance. She is currently working on Queer & Trans Artists of Color, Volume 2 with co-editor Elena Rose.

Zachary McLaughlin, Resident Advisor – UC Davis Student Housing

Zach McLaughlin is a second year Psychology B.S. major with two minors in Coaching Principles and Contemporary Leadership. He is an RA with UC Davis Student Housing. After Davis, he plans on attending graduate school to get his doctorate in Physical Therapy, as well as pursue his desire to be a high school cross country coach! Zach is a long time runner with his favorite race being half-marathons. Personal fun fact about him: If he doesn't go into Physical Therapy, he wants to pursue a career as a special agent with the FBI.

Sara Reed, Director – UC Davis Shared Services Center

Sara joined UC Davis in 2012 as the Chief Administrative Officer for the BFTV Cluster. In July 2014, Sara became the Director of the Shared Services Center, leading a team of administrative professionals in providing partner-focused support services, including human resources, payroll, purchasing, and accounts payable to 180+ campus departments. Since becoming the Director of University of California Davis’s Shared Services Center, Sara has led her team through team redesigns, designing and executing a campus and client engagement strategy, resulting in the highest client satisfaction rate to date for the Shared Services Center. Prior to joining the UC Davis team, she served for almost 10 years as an active duty Air Force officer and continues to serve as a reserve member of the United States Air Force. She is completing her Doctorate in Educational Leadership and Management and has been studying her passion – leadership – for almost 20 years.

Julio Salgado, Co-founder of DreamersAdrift.com and Artist

Julio Salgado is the co-founder of DreamersAdrift.com. His status as an undocumented, queer activist has fueled the contents of his visual art, which depict key individuals and moments of the DREAM Act movement. Undocumented students and allies across the country have used Salgado’s artwork to call attention to the youth-led movement. His work has been praised by OC Weekly’s Gustavo Arellano, KPCC-FM 89.3’s Multi-American blog and the influential journal ColorLines. In July 2012, Salgado and other undocumented activists joined Jose A. Vargas on the cover of Time Magazine. Salgado graduated from California State University, Long Beach with a degree in journalism. To see more of his artwork and other collaborations, you can go to juliosalgadoart.com.

Kaelin Souza, Academic Advisor – UC Davis Department of Plant Sciences

Kaelin Souza, MA, works in Academic Advising with the department of Plant Sciences. Kaelin obtained her Undergraduate and Graduate degrees in Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy. Kaelin considers herself a lifelong learner and loves sharing that passion with students.

SESSION 2 (1:30p - 2:45p)

2016 Conference PhotoYousef Buzayan, Aggie Ambassador – UC Davis College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Yousef Buzayan is a senior Managerial Economics and International Agricultural Development double major. Yousef’s academic interests are in agricultural and development economics. He is also an Aggie Ambassador with the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. Aggie Ambassadors is an organization that seeks to develop exceptional leaders through unique opportunities by promoting the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences to potential students, peers, campus community and our society. This academic year, Yousef is the coordinator for Whole Earth Festival and he plans on joining the Peace Corps one day!

Nicole Fernandez, Aggie Ambassador – UC Davis College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Nicole Fernandez is a UC Davis second year Animal Science major, originally from Waipahu, Hawaii. Nicole is also an Aggie Ambassador with the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. Aggie Ambassadors is an organization that seeks to develop exceptional leaders through unique opportunities by promoting the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences to potential students, peers, campus community and our society. Nicole is interested in pursuing a career in veterinary medicine and to have a wealth of experience working with animals ranging from mice to elephants. She been a vegetarian for six years now, but bacon still smells delicious!

Corrine Hawes, First Year Experience Advising Coordinator – UC Davis Student Housing

Corrine "Co" Hawes hails from Southbury, CT originally. She completed her Bachelor of Arts at the University of Rhode Island in Communications and her Master of Arts at the University of Connecticut in Higher Education and Student Affairs. Prior her role at UC Davis in Student Housing, Corrine served as a Leadership Coach working with Student Leadership in the Workplace at the University of South Carolina. She enjoys karaoke and playing with her cat Flomar.

Jenine Jenkins, PHR, ACC – J.Smith & Company

A graduate of Kent State University, Jenine is an HR Professional with over 10 years of on the job experience, a blogger, Executive Coach, and public speaker. She has served as the leader on HR Teams in local Fortune 100 companies and Non-Profit organizations. In these positions she managed teams and worked with high level organizational leaders to create high performing teams that were almost always successful. Mrs. Smith is no stranger to audiences as she has presented on topics such as interviewing skills, dressing for an interview on a budget, personal branding and other pertinent leadership and personal development topics. Her approachable style combined with her expertise as an HR Professional and her understanding of human nature, allows her to connect authentically to any audience. Jenine is also the founder of J. Smith & Company, a woman-owned small business. Based in Sacramento, CA, J. Smith & Co can most accurately be defined as an “HR Concierge” providing services to small and medium sized organizations in all aspects of Human Resources.

Laurie Stillman, Student Development Consultant

Laurie Stillman is a Student Development Consultant who provides dynamic group and individual facilitation for members of education communities. Laurie develops and teaches courses and workshops for students, faculty and staff in the areas of diversity and inclusion, leadership, advising, and communication. Prior to private work, Laurie served UC Davis as Honors Counselor / Program Specialist for the Davis Honors Challenge, where she facilitated faculty and student development through teaching, training, curricula, and one-on-one advising, and as a departmental adviser working with both undergraduate and graduate students. Laurie studied college student development at Ohio University and public administration at James Madison University. She is a member of the UC Davis Diversity Trainers Institute and the Center for Leadership Learning facilitation team. In her free time, Laurie works to support an inclusive social climate in Davis schools and loves to cook and bake for her family and friends.

Ruby Victoria, Aggie Ambassador – UC Davis College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Ruby Victoria is a UC Davis third year student studying Animal Science major with an interest in veterinary medicine. Ruby hopes to have a future of working in zoos caring for the lions, cheetahs, and tigers! Ruby is also an Aggie Ambassadors with the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. Aggie Ambassadors is an organization that seeks to develop exceptional leaders through unique opportunities by promoting the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences to potential students, peers, campus community and our society. Ruby is a huge animal cat lover with a passion for traveling and eating exotic food!

SESSION 3 (2:50p - 4:05p)

2016 Conference PhotoTonina Bellante, Assistant Organizing Director - CALPIRG

Tonina Bellante is the Assistant Organizing Director for CALPIRG Students, a non-profit that works to engage college students in the political process and protect consumers and the environment. Tonina graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a degree in Biology. Before moving to California, Tonina was the Organizing Director for WashPIRG Students overseeing Campus Organizers working to recruit, train, and develop student leaders to run successful campaigns. Tonina got her start political organizing as a CALPIRG chapter student in 2008 at UC Santa Cruz working to register voters with the New Voters Project. She came onto staff in 2012 as a Campus Organizer at the Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA and ran a winning campaign to ban the plastic bag in Thurston County. She has worked on campaigns to make textbooks more affordable for students, create public campaign finance programs, and to invest in more and better public transit for King County residents.

Sara Blair, Leadership Coordinator – UC Davis Student Housing

Sara Blair currently serves as the Leadership Coordinator in the Cuarto housing area. Sara completed her undergraduate degree at UCSB in Sociology, Education and Applied Psychology and her M.Ed. at the University of Vermont in the Higher Education and Student Affairs Administration program. Sara is passionate about social justice education, leadership development, and supporting students in finding their purpose.

Lina Mendez, Ph.D. – UC Davis Center for Educational Effectiveness

Dr. Lina Mendez is the proud daughter of a farmworking single mother, and a first generation college graduate who dared to dream that her life could be different. She became a Gates Millennium Scholar as a junior in college in 1999, this scholarship helped her believe that the stars the limit. One of her dreams was to attend the best university in the world and those economic resources allowed her to study at Harvard University. After receiving her master’s degree and teaching in Boston for a year, she felt inspired to apply to a Ph.D program. Throughout her educational career she has tried to open doors for the next generation of students who could become the professionals our communities desperately need. Her work has always revolved around building bridges through meaningful partnerships that allows all of us to move forward together. Dr. Mendez sees all of her work through a social justice framework which allows her to build rapport and trust with communities.

Kelli Sholer, Academic Advisor – UC Davis Department of Anthropology and Sociology

Kelli Sholer, M.S is currently an undergraduate advisor at UC Davis in the Anthropology and Sociology departments and has 8 years of academic advising experience at UC Davis. She received her Master’s degree in Counseling with a specialization in career counseling and generally uses approaches such as happenstance learning theory or integrative life planning in her work with students. She has specific enthusiasm for helping students navigate through their career exploration process and facilitates a 2 unit course that helps students reflect on their career development process. Kelli embraces self-care through going to musicals, trying new restaurants with her husband, and using adult coloring books.

Kaelin Souza, Academic Advisor – UC Davis Department of Plant Science

Kaelin Souza, M.A. is currently an undergraduate advisor at UC Davis in the Plant Science department and received her undergraduate and graduate degrees in Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy. Kaelin’s Narrative advising style has been shaped by her work history which includes working in various setting such as a private four-year college, a State Mental Health hospital, a Tribal health clinic providing behavioral health services and the California Department of Health’s Center for Infectious Diseases. Kaelin embraces self-care through life’s small pleasures with her children, husband, and German Shepard.

Feedback from Students

2016 conference photo
  • "Great way to meet other motivated individuals."
  • "It is inspiring and you get to be yourself. You also get to meet various people who share a similar interest."
  • "It was a wonderful opportunity to learn more about myself, reevaluate, and change myself for the better."
  • "It is an amazing conference to explore your leadership skills and to meet other individuals who are motivated to make a difference in the world."
  • "It opens your eyes and your mind to new and exciting things that you can embark in the future."
  • "It helps a lot, it give you insights and fresh perspectives from others."
  • "It gives you different ideas on leadership."
  • "It’s really eye-opening and thought provoking."
  • "This was truly a memorable experience, I can't wait to come back next year."
  • "It provides a nice experience to start in your leadership career."
  • "It's amazing! Loved it!"
  • "It changed my life and taught me how to turn my personal values and passions into leadership."
  • "I helps develop leadership skills and meet new people."
  • "You can fine tune who you want to be in life!"
  • "It really puts leadership and passion into perspective and helps build confidence."
  • "It's inspirational and liberating. Attending this conference made me realize my purpose again, something that I've lost touch with."
  • "It motivates us to take our higher educational experience and really make the most out of it."
  • "It gives you valuable knowledge that you cannot receive in a classroom setting."
  • "It is very useful for students in their life."
  • "It's incredibly insightful and worth the 7 hours!"
  • "It was a ton of fun, an amazing experience, and way worth taking the time away from studying."
  • "It opens your mind to different ways of thinking. Even if you think you know all about leadership, it refreshes important ideas and reignites passion and creativity."
  • "It challenges students to think about how they are leaders in their lives and how they can make changes in their lives and in others."
  • "The conference was an extremely insightful and reflective experience. It gave me a designated space to truly help me understand who I am, what my passions are, and how I will become a better leader."
  • "It really helps you think deeper into who you are and what you truly love."
  • "There are many inspiring workshops and it’s a great way to make new connections."
  • "I learned a lot!"
  • "It really makes us think about how we can be leaders in everything we do and how everyone is a leader."

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