2015-2016 Professional Experiences

Huanchun Chen

Professional Experience: Research Assistant, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Position: As a research assistant for Robotics, Autonomous Systems, and Controls Applications Laboratory (RASCAL) in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, my main responsibilities were to test participants for Human-Computer Interface (HCI) studies and assist with designing the experimental paradigms. We are currently investigating two-dimensional control of computer cursor by utilizing selective electromyography signals of a single head muscle. Through this professional experience, I have gained a better understanding of the current research in Human-Computer Interfaces and the devices that have immense potential for individuals with spinal cord injuries.

Lee Lo

Professional Experience: Intern, Davis Senior High School

Position: As an intern for Ms. Caitlin Butler, I had the opportunity to observe a unique class offered at Davis Senior High School called “Race and Social Justice/US History.” This internship allowed me to observe the classroom, mentor students, facilitate class and group discussions, and direct interaction with the teacher. During her prep period, we would go over any questions I had about classroom logistics and how certain education policies affect her work directly. This was a great opportunity to engage in a deep and critical conversation about the administration of education. My role as the student intern was to engage with the students and provide a different perspective on the topic.

Jose Torres

Professional Experience: Peer Advisor, Chemistry Department

Position: My responsibilities included holding at least 6 hours of office hours per week to answer student’s questions. I was also in charge of overseeing the student tutoring program for upper division chemistry classes. Following this, I am still responsible for helping out at larger events such as Freshman Decision Day and Picnic Day. Planning and attending outreach events is also part of the job description.

Alex Coffman

Professional Experience: Tutor, Student Academic Success Center

Position: As a tutor for the student academic success center I have the responsibility of instructing students in both large and small group settings, from individual to group drop in tutoring. With my tutees in individual tutoring I prepare weekly material to guide them through the course and answer any questions they may have that were not clear in lectures. In the drop in rooms I foster an encouraging, inclusive, and welcoming atmosphere to engage students in the learning process so that they can better retain material through active learning.

Alexa Lopez

Professional Experience: Peer Advisor, College of Biological Sciences

Position: It was my responsibility to provide academic advising to students in the college. This specifically involved creating appropriate and balanced course schedules, checking General Education requirements, and being a first point of contact for any academic questions the students may have. In addition, I provided help outside the advising center by being a part of the Residence Hall Advising Team and conducting a series of presentations throughout the year in order to help acclimate first year students to the university. Lastly, I contributed  at least once a quarter to the College of Biological Sciences peer blog where I provided information to students on resources on campus, potential careers, and even why I chose to go to UC Davis.

Ariel Munoz

Professional Experience: Program Assistant, Center for Leadership Learning

Position: As a program assistant at the Center for Leadership Learning, I worked alongside prestigious facilitators during leadership workshops and engaged with fellow undergraduate students to help foster individual leadership skills. I also helped monitor undergraduates through their leadership journeys through several certificate programs. Moreover, I learned to work efficiently with my fellow team members. 

Choua Vue

Professional Experience: Student Receptionist, Internship and Career Center

Position: The purpose of my professional experience as a student receptionist at the ICC is for me to gain insight on administrative and clerical work hands on.  With this position, it allows me to be in the actual space and see what happens on a daily basis inside an office work environment.  As a student receptionist, it is my responsibilities to assist students, staffs and visitors that visit the office.  I am the first direct person that they come in contact with.  It is my duty to greet them and direct them to the right location in the office to get the help that they need. 

Ky Ho

Professional Experience: Supervisor, Ho Ho Market

Position: The purpose of a supervisor at Ho Ho Market is to maintain the efficient operations of the business.The responsibilities of a supervisor can be broken down into 3 different aspects: supervising staff members, overlooking the operations of the business, and delivering exceptional customer service. The supervisor is responsible for training new staff members, assigning duties and addressing technical regarding in daily operation. The supervisor also is required to ensure that the register is operational, the shelves are stocked for sale and retrieve products from storage. In order to demonstrate exceptional customer service, customer complaints and concerns must be resolved accordingly by a supervisor to maintain a good image of the store.

Tee Her

Professional Experience: Program Assistant, Center for Leadership Learning

Position: As a Program Assistant, I am responsible for handling the logistics of the quarterly workshops that the CLL hosts throughout the school year. I am also responsible for educating UCD students and folks about the Center for Leadership and our mission. I am here to help students be educated about leadership and to stress the importance of it and how much it matters in any type of work that people do.

Manilyn Joy

Professional Experience: Research Assistant, Chemical Engineering and Material Science Department

Position: My professional experience was working as a paid research assistant for the UC Davis Chemical Engineering and Material Science Department. My role in this position was to create various types of computer codes in MATLAB and LabView that aid in research experiments regarding the transfer of pathogens in the air through expiratory aerosols. I would also assist one of the graduate students run vocalization experiments which would measure the amount of aerosols released from the mouth. Throughout the experience, I also had to provide weekly updates to my PI to keep him updated on what work I accomplished. Through this experience, I solved challenging problems which I never thought I could have solved on my own before and also developed my communication skills.

Britt Pimental

Professional Experience: Program Assistant, Center for Leadership Learning

Position: As the Program Assistant at the CLL I was responsible, along with three other student staff members, for the smooth operations of daily tasks at the CLL office and most importantly the workshops we hold. Not only was I an active participant in them, I helped the facilitator in multiple ways, assisted other students, prepped for and cleaned up after workshops, and a myriad of other duties. I gained critical communication skills, experience in an office setting, and the ability to better multitask and adapt to diverse environments and projects smoothly. Being a PA for the CLL was fun, rewarding, and fulfilling work!

Vanessa Aleman

Professional Experience: Program Assistant, Center for Leadership Learning

Aaron Kwong

Professional Experience: Research Analyst, Global HealthShare Initiative 

Position: The purpose of my role as Research Analyst was to: 1) work on a publication, 2) act as an assistant to the Managing Director of Global HealthShare Initiative (GHS), and 3) provide other administrative support to the organization where needed. I was responsible for working on the research, simulation, and written aspects of our publication, as well as updating GHS’s website, preparing materials needed by GHS, and answering questions from both the Managing and Executive Directors. I also performed other tasks for the Directors on an as-needed basis, especially when there was downtime in between revisions of the publication.

Alejandro Chan

Professional Experience: Resident Advisor, Student Housing

Gayle Zheng

Professional Experience: Research Assistant, Physics Department

Position: My professional experience as a research lab assistant involves the creation and testing of materials for tensile strength and thermal conductivity. The results will be used in the Compact Muon Solenoid, an experiment of the LHC at CERN. Some responsibilities include writing computer programs; collaborating with professors, graduate and undergraduate students, lab technicians, etc.; and presenting findings in a weekly meeting.

Haley Cynar

Professional Experience: Academic Peer Advisor, Chemistry Department

Position: My professional experience was as an academic peer adviser in the Department of Chemistry. In this position, I was responsible for assisting students with course scheduling, finding research positions, becoming more comfortable with the resources available, and assisting with other academic concerns. On top of this, I was responsible for running and supervising the Peer Tutoring program, which I had started the previous year. I was also charged with assigning course registration for research and internship units, and training the future peer advisers. 

Megan Yee

Professional Experience: Resident Advisor, Student Housing

Position: The purpose of being a Resident Advisor was to create an inclusive living environment for all residents on my floor. My main responsibilities were to motivate them to succeed in their academics, enforce university policy, look after their well-being. In addition, I was held responsible for creating bulletin boards and hosting socials for my residents.

Sumiyah Syed

Professional Experience: Registered Behavioral Technicion, Behavioral Education for Children with Autism 

Position: As a Registered Behavioral Technician for children with Autism, my main responsibility is to implement the behavioral plan for my client. We implement it by using Applied Behavioral Analysis therapy to provide our clients with high-quality services. The mission is to facilitate the development of children to become integral roles in their families, schools and communities. It is our job to provide the intervention care for the client and introduce target items we wish the child to eventually learn independently. We are required to collect and maintain accurate data collections and observations on the child's progress and relay that information to the supervisors.

Additionally, we are expected to be enthusiastic, silly, fun, and creative because after all we are working with children and we want to make this “work” feel like play for the child!

Sam Drexler

Professional Experience: Social Media Coordinator, Wellness Works

Position: As the Social Media Coordinator at Wellness Works, Sam enhanced his marketing experience and understanding of the workplace mental health landscape. Sam collaborated with the program director to create outreach strategies and develop content for the website and social platforms. This professional experience provided Sam with the opportunity to explore career opportunities and build connections with other mental health advocates.