2014-2015 Professional Experiences

Nancy Au

Professional Experience: Small Business Owner, The Gusty Tree

Position: The end goal of my professional experience was to establish a small online business selling nursery art on Etsy.com. To achieve this, I first conducted research on my product's specific market, on my target audience, and on how other successful online shops were designed. Then I developed my products, created store policies, and established a professional online presentation before at last opening my store to the public.

David Barasch

Professional Experience:Treasurer, Sigma Chi Fraternity, Theta Omicron Chapter

Alyssa Burton

Professional Experience: Student Manager, Student Community Center

Position: Student Managers are expected to provide excellent customer service to clients and guests. Student Managers are responsible for opening and closing the building as well as general building security. Student Managers must identify and resolve immediate operation challenges in the building and keep records of any issues that arise in the SCC Weekly Log. Student Managers are to also place day of room reservations for meeting rooms in the SCC, along with generate the Operational Report and keep track of the meetings scheduled. Student Managers must also assist in student staff training and are responsible for supervision of the Event Staff and all of the Event Staff duties.

Cody Burr

Professional Experience: Intern, Stebbins Cold Canyon natural reserve

Gabriella Cerezo

Professional Experience: PR/Marketing/Event Planning/HR Intern, The Culture C.O.-O.P.

Position: As a member of both the PR/Marketing/Event Planning Team and HR Team, my internship duties include creating and maintaining a positive public image of The Culture C.O.-O.P.; marketing, planning, executing and attending many events; creating and organizing documents and office systems. I am responsible for both individually assigned events (that I plan) and team assigned events, like larger celebrations. I assist in Human Resources by thinking of ways to better serve my fellow interns, like creating a training manual. Most importantly, I learn about different aspects of cultural competency and diversity, and promote The Culture C.O.-O.P.’s mission.

Jasmine Chen

Professional Experience:Intern, Cardio/Thoracic Department of UC Davis Medical Center

Position: As a UCDMC Hospital Intern, our purpose is to assist and learn from the different, yet integrative departments of the UCD Medical Center. We present ourselves as intellectual and active learners of the healthcare system. We also are responsible for providing services to patients, nurses, technicians, and/or physicians for a 4 or 8-hour shift per week for a 10-week duration.

Natalia Custodio

Professional Experience:Program Assistant, Center for Leadership Learning

Position: My professional experience for the SPDP certification was being a Program Assistant at the Center for Leadership Learning at UC Davis. Being a Program Assistant, I monitored leadership, professional and diversity development workshops, oversaw all logistical aspects for workshops and other events, and supported workshop facilitators when needed. Besides this, I provided administrative support to Center for Leadership Learning’s office, advised active and potential student participants on certificate, and sought to promote and educate the campus community about Center for Leadership Learning.

Titus Garrett

Professional Experience: Research Assistant, Civil and Environmental Engineering Department

Position: I assisted the research of Professor Tim Ginn for upscaling reactive transport in porous media. Through the concept of particle tracking I developed code to simulate linearized approximations of his derived formulas.

Jocelyn Lin

Professional Experience:Worship Team Leader, Davis Intervarsity Fellowship

Position:I was a worship team leader with the purpose of providing a welcoming atmosphere while running a weekly meeting. I was on a team in charge of all the presentational equipment ranging from sound boards to power points. My team and I were also responsible for the delivery of the material during the weekly meetings. We would often times meet up outside of the meeting to practice to ensure we had our presentation down.

Julian Merino

Professional Experience: Member Services Attendant, Activities Recreation Center

Position: As a Member Services Attendant at the Activities Recreation Center, I ensure that a 300,000 square foot facility is fully operating for over 5,000 patrons at all access and service stations. Utilizing a software program, I manage access control and guest accounts to ensure they are aware of the benefits of their memberships. I have also communicated in small groups to plan and execute an efficient equipment distribution system and maintain inventory. With my promotion from Attendant to lead, I have also designed and facilitated an employment orientation for incoming employees to become acclimated and knowledgeable in the opening, closing, and daily procedures of building.

Bao Phan

Professional Experience: Retail Store Shift Supervisor, CVS Pharmacy

Position: The purpose of my professional experience is to learn about and experience professionalism in the workplace, especially to make thoughtful decisions in a fast paced environment. Because I was new to the work, my responsibilities were subject to those of a trainee. My responsibilities included but were not limited to providing excellent customer service by addressing their needs and resolving their issues, handling monetary transactions, answering phones, stocking, working on weekly sale signs, etc.

Kristie Tai

Professional Experience: Intern, Tower Real Estate Brokers

Position: As an intern at Tower Real Estate Brokers, my main job functions include, but are not limited to: listing, selling, and marketing properties through MetroList PRO, a multiple listing service; assisting my supervisor in property showings to prospective tenants and buyers; and preparing online proposals for house sales, such as RLAs (Residential Listening Agreement), RPAs (Residential Purchasing Agreement), and Disclosures through zipForm Plus. Though these tasks seem to be mundane, they are imperative in the Real Estate process. I believe this internship was suitable to serve as professional experience because it required me to utilize both my leadership and interpersonal skills in a formal setting.

Teresa Tran

Professional Experience: Volunteer, Southeast Asians Furthering Education, Student Recruitment and Retention Center

Jason Tsai

Professional Experience: Treasurer/Business Manager, Taiwanese American Organization at UC Davis

Position: I was a business manager and a treasurer for Taiwan American Organization club at UC Davis. My main job is to talk to local businesses to set up fundraisers to raise money for the club. As a treasurer I was in charge of all of club's funding. I was also one of the board members to plan out events on what kind of events the club should host.

Zhening (Sirius) Zhang

Professional Experience: PHY9 Tutor, Student Academic Success Center

Position: I am hired as a student physics 9 tutor by SASC at UCD. Weekly, I spend about 4 hours on tutoring in the physics drop-in room with one specialist and another student tutor for physics 7. I keep receiving all different physics questions from different students during my work. In order to keep up with my students' coursework, I have to spend a lot of time on reviewing the knowledge I learned before. Sometimes, I even have to learn new things that I have never learned before.

Linlin Zhou

Professional Experience:Student Volunteer, UC Davis Medical Center Cast Room

Position: As a volunteer for UC Davis Medical Center Cast Room, my job includes assisting orthopedic technician putting on cast or splint on patients. I usually hold patients' legs or arms and keep them stable, while one technician quickly wrap cottons or plasters around patients' injured part. Being a member of the "casting team", my team working skills was greatly strengthened. Also, I learned to be professional and sympathetic at the same time as a health care provider.