2010-2011 Professional Experiences

Tatiana Bush

Professional Experience: JusticeCorps member, Sacramento Family Facilitator's Office

Position: As a JusticeCorps member with the Sacramento Family Facilitator's Office, I was responsible for providing self-represented litigants with legal information. Areas including but not limited to: starting a case, domestic violence, divorce, retaining legal counsel, steps pending litigation, and interpreting legal jargon. This year's service has taught me the importance of understanding legal rights, as well as the impact of positive interpersonal skills in the workplace.

Wendolyn Gonzalez

Professional Experience: Peer Counselor, The House

Position: The purpose of The House is to provide students with a safe place to talk about any kind of issue that is inhibiting them from functioning in their day to day lives. As a component of CAPS, The House strives to break the stigma behind going to see a Psychologist by permitting students to talk to trained students about what is troubling them. As a trained peer counselor, we use our counseling skills to provide students with a comfortable space to explore their feelings and build up the courage to face what is troubling them. The House also provides studnets with various forms of relaxation through our very own Mind and Body Gym where we provide students with massage chair, SAD Lamp, and Yoga class usage, all free of charge.

Adam Shapiro

Professional Experience: Nutrition Education Intern, California Department of Education, Nutrition Services Division

Position: The purpose and responsibilities of my professional experience was adding nutrition education instructional resources to the California Department of Education website, while discussing and getting feedback from teammates. In addition, I am preparing, advertising, presenting and evaluating a 30-45 minute PowerPoint presentation on Nutrition for the Disabled at the Department of Education's brown bag lunch time lecture series. Lastly, attend department related education opportunities, such as seminars and prepare brief summaries of the learning experience.

Youngshin Song

Pofessional Experience: Kindergarten Helper, Korematsu Elementary School

Position: My internship at Korematsu Elementary school allowed me to learn the American education method, which is different from my home country and the culture as well. As a kindergarten class helper, I learned how to communicate and interact with children. Responsibilities of intern, such as proper communication with the supervisor, being on time, etc, also enabled me to learn the attitude and mind-set that I should have toward a job.