SPDP Certificate Requirements

OverviewSTudent Professional Development Program certificate

To earn a SPDP certificate, students must complete the workshop requirement and complete a SPDP Professional Experience. Requirements must be completed by Spring 2017.

Workshop Requirements

Students must attend at least two (2) workshops in each of the following categories, for a total of eight (8) workshops:

  • (CM) Communication
  • (DV) Diversity
  • (PD) Professional Development
  • (TD) Team Development

Professional Experience

Students must complete all 8 development workshops prior to seeking approval for their Professional Experience. Approval forms not received by the end of the FIRST WEEK of the quarter are subject to rejection. A performance evaluation from a supervisor, a self-reflection, and an mock interview with CLL staff are required to complete and earn a certificate in the SPDP. Students must work a minimum of TWENTY (20) hours in a professional position during Fall, Winter or Spring quarter.*

Qualifying professional positions include:

  • An Internship (paid or non-paid)
  • Paid Employment (on or off campus)
  • Long-term Community Service/Volunteer Position (10+ week commitment)

*Hours may not be divided between multiple quarters.  Students must commit to the qualifying professional position for at least one quarter.

Planning Sheet

Students who are enrolled in SPDP may download a planning sheet to help them keep track of certificate requirements.

Download the SPDP planning sheet here