SPDP Professional Experience

The Professional Experience component of the Student Professional Development Program (SPDP) is designed to give students the opportunity to take the knowledge and skills that they have learned during the SPDP workshops and put them into practice. Students will have an opportunity to expand their experience in the world-of-work and gain a deeper appreciation for the skills necessary to become a model employee.

Students may utilize an on-campus or off-campus position to count toward the SPDP Professional Experience. Some choose to use a campus job they are already working to fulfill the requirement. Others choose to explore new volunteer or internship positions. 

Gaining Approval for Your Professional Experience

In order to be eligible for the SPDP Professional Experience component, students must:

  1. Complete all 8 SPDP workshops
  2. Find a paid/non-paid employment, internship or volunteer opportunity (see approval form for more information)
  3. Submit a SPDP Professional Experience Approval Form prior to the quarterly due date (see deadline dates on the approval form) in person at the CLL Program Office in 1350 The Grove (Surge III) or via email at cll@ucdavis.edu.

Please note that submission of an approval form does NOT guarantee that your position will count toward the SPDP Professional Experience component.  Once your approval form is reviewed, you will be notified whether you can utilize the position toward your SPDP certificate.  Approval forms submitted after the quarterly deadline will not be accepted.