2012-2013 SLDS Group Projects

Team Hygiene

Team Hygiene collaborated with Aggie TV to produce an instructive video on the importance of hand washing to mitigate the spread of bacterial infection and diseases.

Raising the BAAR

The Raising the BAAR team conducted a workshop for 9th grade students on college life. The team contacted teachers at junior high and high schools around Davis, and then chose to conduct a workshop at Holmes Middle School for an AVID class. Each of the four members led their own mini-workshop, focusing on topics such as healthy living, college myths, transitions to college, and careers. The team also created handouts and bookmarks for future reference, such as financial aid. The team also had help from college student tutors and worked with them to establish a continuing relationship with Holmes Middle School.

Team Raising the BAAR at the CLL Group Project Presentation. Not picture: Eun Jae Lee.


Team SAFS conducted a survey to target students eligible to vote in ASUCD elections at UC Davis. The survey was created with Google Forms and shared among SAFS members. SAFS screened, coded, and ran various analyses on the data to identify relationships pertinent to ASUCD activities. During the course of the GP, Team SAFS compiled a report for the ASUCD in the hopes the report will help ASUCD hone their outreach efforts. SAFS disseminated the survey through the CLL listserv, SAFS's personal social circles, and flyers distributed at random throughout the UC Davis campus. Team SAFS also attempted to contact the California Aggie to publish the report's findings with little success, and contacted ASUCD correspondents to distribute the report internally with ASUCD.

Team SAFS showcasing their report.

Senior Citizen Leaders

As soon to be graduating seniors, Senior Citizen Group made a simple and helpful resource guide for recent college grad. We have compiled some helpful tips, guide, and information regarding 4 board topics: finance, career development, personal life skills, and housing situation. We hope to help graduating seniors to smoothly make transition to the real world.

Team Senior Citizens posing for their Group Project picture.