2011-2012 SLDS Group Projects

Team 1

As a team of three diverse students here on the UC Davis campus, our group project's main focus and goal was to help our fellow peers who were financially in need and could not afford a simple meal or basic living essentials. Our team created an extra source of awareness, resources, and food donations to the UC Davis Pantry, a service on campus which offers students up to three choices of non-perishable food items or toiletries per day, by starting an ongoing donations drive at the Silo. This way, UC Davis students could make a positive difference for those who are less fortunate and struggling from hunger.

Team 1 together for a Group Project photo.

Team Unity

Our group project targeted bike safety on the UC Davis campus. We drew our information from people who would be most affected by our project and proceeded to compile and distribute this information. We interviewed 72 pedestrians and observed 620 cyclists. We also sent an online survey of Unitrans bus drivers, and received 88 responses. We then turned this information into posters and pamphlets and had TAPS and UCDPD review them before placing them in target areas, such as Student Housing Residence Halls, and the MU.

Team Unity and their Group Project photo.

Team Water Savers

As a team of four, this team, Water Savers, worked with the UC Davis Arboretum to create a proposal with the objective to update the current Arboretum map. Team Water Savers designed and conducted a survey, and collected data from 25 randomly chosen visitors of from age 18-65 at the Arboretum. The questions included whether the current map was effective and clear, and asked for visitors’ suggestions for the map and the Arboretum in general. To update the details of the map, the team walked along the trails and looked at GoogleMap satellite views to ensure accuracy of the map items positions. After gathering necessary information, the group created a proposal document consisting a detailed description of the survey, results, and suggestions, as well as a copy of the Arboretum map with updates on it.

Team Water Saver's Group Project proposal.

Team Voyage Amigo

As a team of transfer and international exchange students, the UCD Voyage Amigo team set out to create a tool that would help non-traditional students such as transfer and exchange students quickly and efficiently navigate their new life at UC Davis. A list of 324 locations to dine, travel, study, and engage in fun and invigorating outdoor and after-dark activities was compiled onto a UC Davis specific Facebook page. Each location included the name of the business or area, a general description, insider knowledge provided by locals, and links to professional websites holding business information, professional reviews, and Google Map directions. Following the website implementation, the Voyage Amigo website was advertised on UCD’s Transfer, Reentry, and Veteran Facebook webpage and the Global Study Program Facebook webpage.

Team Voyage Amigo pose for their Group Project photo.